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How To Use Eyelash Extension Tweezers? 

Do you want to make professional eyelash extensions? Then what you need are quality eyelash extension tweezers. However, having the best tweezers in the world only takes you halfway there; to do professional eyelash extensions, you’d have to be able to hold your tweezers correctly. 

Poor grip positions can cause you a lot of problems: you could struggle in work, make the lash extensions last longer, and also lead to strain and fatigue in the hand, wrist and arm. Hence, it’s essential that you know how to hold your tweezers correctly.

The way you hold your tweezers is very important and that’s why in this article, I’ll be teaching you how to use eyelash extensions tweezers.

How to use Eyelash Extension Tweezers 

When it trickles down to the proper use of eyelash extension tweezers, there are three key factors to consider: the hand position along the length of the tweezer, the way your fingers are arranged, and the number of fingers you should place on your tweezers. 

Once you have been able to get those three things right, you would have successfully cracked how to properly use an eyelash extension tweezer.

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How far down the tweezer should I grip?

Concerning the length to grip the tweezer, the middle of the tweezer should be your focus. As a rough guide, you should look for the spot where the width of the opening is the greatest and the metal is the widest.

Why is it important to keep the grip there? If you hold too close to where the join is (i.e., towards the end), it restricts your movements and you’ll have to exert too much force to close the tweezers, which leads to potential strain injuries and discomfort. 

Also, if you hold too close to the foot of the tweezer, you’ll end up applying too much pressure which makes it uncomfortable as well. Your fingers end up getting in the way of your work which makes it difficult to see the job you are doing and it does not allow enough room for your placement tweezers to operate in.

What’s the correct finger position?

Most of the mistakes people make when using an eyelash extension tweezer lie in the position of their fingers. 

When it comes to the finger position, a common mistake people make is to grip eyelash extension tweezers like pens, with the tool resting on the side of the middle finger. This position is bad because it does not give your fingers enough control. It lets your thumb do all the work which could lead to hand pain or an RSI.

When you solely use your thumb to close the tweezers, it can cause the tweezers to twist and tilt. The upper foot of the tweezers could slide over the look foot—when that happens, it means that you can no longer have a neat, flush closure. It’s safe to say that in this scenario, newly made fans could end up becoming twisted or even drop out of your grip on the to or from the glue.

So, rather than placing your fingers in the same position you would a pen, you should place your fingers in the same position you would a dart, with the thumb underneath and the fingers on top.

Do not space all your 3 fingers evenly as tension could get lost when you pick up lashes. Rather, place your middle finger opposite your thumb—it forms the strongest part of your grip. Also, place your index finger a little higher up the tweezer or tool.

What number of fingers should be on top?

For isolation tweezers, the 3-finger grip (i.e., thumb, index finger, and middle finger) works pretty well. You can try it out as well to see how well it works for you. With this finger position, you also have the option of adding or including your ring finger—it’ll function as additional support further down towards the foot, leaving your pinky finger free to rest on if you need it. Hold the tweezers using your dominant hand.

For volume tweezers, you can try the 4-finger grip (i.e., your thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger). This hand position helps you apply firm and even pressure without twisting, which produces a more precise, flush closure. 

However, some lash techs may choose to go a step further and include their pinky or little finger. With the thumb underneath and all the other four fingers along the top approaching or getting closer to the foot, gives you even greater control and steadiness. It also means that you’ll be able to use all the muscles of your hand evenly rather than letting your thumb do all the work.

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