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How to turn your megaphone with sirens from blah into fantastic

Are you tired of your boring megaphone? Then it’s time for a makeover! The next time you’re out, turn on the sirens and upgrade that old thing. Your friends will all be so impressed with your skills and talk about how cool the sirens sound. Plus, you’ll become a megaphone hero!

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What is this upgrade? Here are the steps to getting your megaphone sparkling with sirens.

How to Turn Your Megaphone with Sirens from “Boring” into “Fantastic”

  1. Buy a pair of plastic Halloween horns out of the dollar store. They were around $1 each. Horns are great for a siren because they’re loud, but cheap and don’t make noise when you turn them off.
  2. Put them on your megaphone.
  3. Put a pair of by-passing (break out) capacitors on the negative side of each horn. This will cause your horn to fire the next time you turn it on, but won’t make noise when you don’t want it to. This is important because without these, your horn will make noise when you turn it off, and that would be bad at an event or in a situation where you can’t afford to make any noise.
  4. Use a 1/4-watt resistor, and attach this resistor to the positive side of your horn. This will give you a more professional sound — without it, your siren will sound squeaky.
  5. Attach wires from the capacitor on each horn, to a push button switch on the outside of your megaphone — just as if you were going to turn on lights.
  6. Attach one of the wires from the switch to a wire from the capacitor, and push the button on your megaphone.
  7. Run the other wire from the capacitor to a wire that connects to your speaker jack (for example). Then attach another push button switch to this wire and push that button instead of using the horn button on your megaphone.
  8. Now, when you push the horn button on your megaphone, it will sound like sirens. When you push the other button, it will sound like a megaphone!
  9. Viola — your megaphone with siren is now and horn combo! Now you can be the “sound guy” (or girl) and make any event that much more fun.

Can’t Wait to Try Your New Megaphone? Here Are Some Ideas.

Recommended Megaphone Hacks:

1. To find more megaphone hacks, try googling, “megaphone”. There are always new ideas popping up.

  1. If it’s noisy where you live and your neighbors will be mad if you don’t use the sirens carefully, buy a pair of old headphones, cut off the ear pieces, and attach them to your megaphone. This will act as a noise dampener if you need one — there are always noise dampeners on the market which might work better than the ones in your price range.
  2. Make sure before you start that the by-passing capacitors are on the negative side of each horn — otherwise your sirens won’t fire.
  3. Be careful when you put on or take off the Halloween horns — they’re hard plastic and can break easily. Do you know how it feels when you try to say something that matters and people are just in their own worlds? And it feels like the moment is lost as nothing will change even with your efforts.
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  • And well worth the effort to bring together the lessons learned from everything from Broadway musicals (and films) to dance Hollywood films, and even cartoons like “Futurama” in this handbook on how to turn your megaphone with sirens into a fantastic showstopper.
  • The message: you have a story to tell and you’re going to tell it well. That’s the topic of this lesson getting your megaphone with sirens to work for you as a showstopper.

. The Move:

  1. Connect with the audience.
  2. even if it means reaching out with your hand (you never know who’s going to be there).
  3. Show that you’re serious about serving the community … so do something worthwhile.
  4. Use dramatic action (and a little theatricality) to get people interested and engaged: they’ll love the spectacle and be inspired by your efforts to help … and they’ll love it, even more, when they get a copy of this handbook as a souvenir!

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