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How to Transform Your Living Room into an Oasis of Calm

After a busy day at work and taking care of your children, your friends, and other loved ones, there is nothing better than taking some time to dedicate to yourself, recharge, and relax at home. 

Your living room should be a place of tranquillity and calm, and without this kind of lounge atmosphere, you can never truly relax. So, with this in mind, here is how to transform your living room into an oasis of calm. 


As a general rule, the less clutter in terms of ornaments on the windowsill, magazines and newspapers on the coffee table, and various other personal items on the floor, the more likely you are to think of your living room as a calm and relaxing space. 

However, a whitewashed wall and a virtually empty room become devoid of personality, so it is important to strike a balance between neat and tidy and still expressing your personal sense of style. 

Moreover, you are unlikely to be able to fully relax without feeling as if you are in your own home, not some bland and generic hotel room. Here are some simple yet effective tips to add personality to your minimalistic and peaceful décor:

  • Commission a local artist to paint a picture of your cherished pet 
  • Invest in something handmade from a craft shop for the table
  • Choose cushions with relaxing patterns with a splash of color
  • Add texture with neutrally toned blankets and throws

Focus on the Furniture

Perhaps the most beneficial way to spend your time and, of course, your hard-earned money when looking to redecorate and redesign your lounge is to focus on the type of furniture you have in situ.

If your budget allows, it would be a fantastic decision to invest in a stunning, high-end and durable sofa suite from ligne roset chelsea, which will serve the coveted dual purpose of looking spectacular and creating a stunning focal point for the room and also giving off a calm and ‘put together’ vibe. 

Consider Color Carefully

Even though there has been a plethora of books, newspaper articles, and online sites claiming to have decisively discovered the feeling evoked by a certain color or a specific shade or tone of color, the truth is that color is entirely objective.

When thinking about the color of your furniture, textures, and other items of décor for your new living room design, consider which colors you are naturally drawn to and the emotions you feel when you either wear or are around such shades.

For many people, yellows and oranges evoke emotions such as happiness and contentment and remind them of ‘sunnier’ times, browns and greys make people feel cozy and comfortable, and dark blues remind them of the ocean and a sense of freedom and peace. 

Dim the Lights 

Lighting plays an incredibly important role in creating the right kind of atmosphere and ambiance, and to truly create a warm and relaxing environment within your living room, you need to pay attention to the types of lights and fixtures you currently have.

If your wall lights simply turn off and on and do not have a dimmer switch, then installing one will make a huge difference. Alternatively, you could instead look into purchasing an ambient night light in the form of a table lamp for reading and watching television at night time.

For technology lovers, there are LED strips you can attach to virtually anywhere in the living room, which you can control from your smartphone, using them to either sync to the colors on the television as they change or even to be set at a specific color scheme. 

Make Rules (and Stick to Them!)

The last suggestion for a way of making your living room considerably more relaxing, peaceful, and calming is to make a new rule for the rest of the members of your household that the living room is now a sanctuary. 

By all means, your children can be as loud and as creative as they want to be in their own rooms, or even a designated area of the dining room or hall, but from now on, the living room is all about peace and quiet.



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