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How to Style Leather Handbags With Your Outfits?

Leaving your house without a purse is not an option for a woman. It stays with you through the day unless you’re ready to put down your cape! However, it’s a human tendency to look at and adore aesthetics in everything we do.

Why you want it to coordinate and style with your outfit and accessories makes sense. There was a time when it was simple. However, in today’s world, there are so many dresses and accessories that it is never easy to get a complete outfit! We know that the rules have changed today, giving you more options.

This article will serve as a complete guide on how to style your leather handbags with your outfits.

Matching the Handbag with the outfit

According to belletag.com, adding a matching purse to your outfit will keep you coordinated and in style too! Here are some things that you must keep in mind when matching your Handbag with the outfit:

–      Keep in Mind The Occasion

You must always plan your outfit according to the occasion. Make sure you are well aware of the occasion details before you’re ready to pick out an outfit.

For example, the outfits for attending a business meeting or party will differ. Let’s just say you’re going to attend a party. It’s important to know the theme and your plans for the party. Are you going to dance or socialize?

Considerations like these are your key to choosing a perfect handbag to go with your outfit. We thought it best to add some of the possible occasions that you might go to below:

1.    Handbags for Officewear:

If you are a working woman, pairing a handbag with work outfits is not an easy job. Pairing the Handbag is not easy because when discussing business or formal attire, you must hold your level to a certain level of professionalism.

As a result, some options, such as showy leather handbags, are banned from consideration. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that the matching purse shouldn’t either be too little or too large. Not having the bag of the right size will create an odd impression. And in the business world, impressions last for a long time.

So, we have established that we cannot do glitzy and glam when discussing business attire. However, feel free to experiment with colors! You may have seen many people wearing black, which makes it safe to say that it is the most famous and apparent choice. However, you can always play around with the colors. Some good color choices would be yellow, crimson, or purple hues. You will want to ensure that any color tone you use is subtle.

2.    Handbags for Nightwear

A formal and stylish tiny purse is perfect for pairing with a cocktail dress or a long gown. However, someone cannot carry an over-the-shoulder bag with either of those outfits!

Sure, you could try that, but it would only make you look clumsy. Instead, you should focus on something that has a fancy look. Apart from fancy, you can also choose classic-looking bags.

3.    Handbags for Daywear:

You might want to go out on a shopping spree, for a cup of coffee, or for a hundred reasons during the day. During the day, assuming you are tending to an event that can be dealt with casual wear, you should wear a simple dress code. A simple dress code paired with a stylish tote bag is the right choice of bags to go well with the majority of casual outfits.

However, since you will wear casual clothes, here is your chance to try out various outfits. When going casual or tiring, pair some outfits together and see what handbags go well with your outfit!

4.    Handbags for Beaches

As the name suggests, you can utilize a beach bag as a handbag. There isn’t much to say about beach outfits, as anything you pair together would go well with a beach setting. As for the bags, you can use beach totes, casual leather handbags, satchel bags, or even hobo bags would go well.

5.    Handbags for Summer Seasons:

The summer is a boon for trying new outfits. As for the ladies handbag, we suggest going with a sleek, over-the-shoulder bag paired with any summer dress and sandal combination. Ensure that the purse of your choosing has clean lines.

The lines will do a great job in grabbing the attention of the flowing beauty of your dress overall. Don’t be too surprised if you get compliments on your outfit!

6.    Handbags for Travelwear:

If you are traveling over a long distance, you must choose an outfit with only one thing in mind: Comfort. You must feel and appear at ease and calm at all times. Always choose a comfortable outfit because wearing uncomfortable dresses over a long distance can be annoying and make you uneasy.

As far as the purses are connected in this scenario, you can use cross-body slings or a messenger backpack. The reason for choosing both bags is that they are spacious and allow you to carry your stuff easily. Furthermore, they also have a sporty design and allow you to stay up with style. Whether on a road trip or traveling long distances, these two types of handbags are the perfect choice for you.

7.    Handbags for Formal Occasions:

From attending a wedding, a dinner invitation, an opening event, or a business meeting, various kinds of formal occasions require a suitable outfit. However, you cannot use bags such as hobo or shopping tote bags with any formal dressing!

When discussing formal occasions, you must restrict your options to a clutch, minaudière, or a wristlet handbag. Formal occasions also give you a good chance to take the designer handbags out for a swing!

8.    Handbags for Parties or Long Gowns

You usually wear long gowns at formal events. And as we said before, going to a formal event will limit your choices of clutches or tiny handbags. Furthermore, you can also match them with your favorite LBD.

Sequined or Metallic envelope clutches are also a great choice for someone wearing a sheath dress for instances where your gown comes with extensive detailing or ornamentation. However, a simple clutch would be a much better option if you are going with a simple gown.

–      Consider Your Body Shape when choosing a bag:

Yes, matching outfits and purses is important. But there is something even more important: Your body form.

Your body form will influence what clothes you choose, and similarly, when the dresses are different, it will also shape the kind of purses you use. Handbags go a long way in assisting you in balancing the curves or adding curves as needed. Below are some types of common body forms:

1.    A Pear-Shaped Body:

If you have a body shaped like a pear, your lower body is likely to be bigger. Any hip-length bag will be a great choice for women with a pear-shaped body-accentuating their lower body. However, you must wear waist-length bags to make your outfit look more catchy.

2.    A Massive Faux Pas:

The dressing scene is about paying attention to proportions and maintaining a healthy balance. If you are one of the busy ladies, you must steer clear of saddlebags or any such bags.

3.    Curvaceous

For such body types, the best idea would be to go for a long, slim bag. Try pairing your outfits with a long bag, mainly petite and curvy. A handbag with these specifications will make you look slimmer and taller.

4.    Tall & Slender

If you are tall and thin, you will want to go with a polar opposite of a bag. You should consider rounder and big purses. They can help you balance out your figure and will help you avoid slim bags at all costs.

–      Consider Contrasting Color When Matching a Bag:

It will give you a good look when trying to match the Handbag’s color to other accessories such as your shoes and belts. However, you should know that it’s not your only option! Feel free to play around with colors if you can coordinate the colors of your dress and purse.

However, you must ensure that the colors you choose must complement the other. For example, if you have a monotone ensemble, you should consider choosing a printed purse. Pairing this color scheme is a cool way of showing your stylish side. If you have difficulty choosing a color scheme, you can choose neutral hues, such as black or white. The thing about neutral hues is that they go with just about anything!

Final Words

Your Handbag plays an important role in ensuring whether your outfit looks complete or not. Hence, you must pay great detail when pairing them together. You must ensure that the outfits you have put together go well with the Handbag.

We have provided you with the best possible advice on how you can ensure that your dress goes with your outfit. Attention to the details mentioned above in this article will help you complete your outfit and have a slaying look!

However, if you have anything to add to the topic, let us know in the comments section!



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