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How To Stop Possums From Eating Your Garden Plants?

Staying with possums is truly not a good option. You need to get rid of them. They are very injurious to human health. They possess a lot of harmful bacteria and cause many life-threatening diseases. Moreover, possums are very destructive. They cause property damage, garden damage and even harm to our lives. Therefore precautionary steps must be taken to keep them at bay. 

Whenever possums quickly locate a food supply in your garden, they will be drawn towards it. This resource might be open garbage cans, pet food kept outside, or even fruit that has dropped off your fruit trees. Hence keep in mind to keep all the garden tops sealed and maintain your garden in good condition. In this blog, we have discussed many methods to possum removal from eating your garden plants.

Here Are A Few Points On How To Stop Possums From Eating Your Garden Plants. 

  1. Bird Net Or Shade Blanket: At night, cover damaged shrubs using a bird net or shade blanket. A simple, inexpensive, and really effective method to fool possums! This is without a doubt the greatest strategy to keep possums away from your plants and seedlings. To make it more effective, you can add a few hanging cat scare faces to this. These cat-like scare masks, with feature-reflected eyes, are rather frightful for possums. Thus possums will never come close to it. If you want to get emergency possum removal then contact us.
  2. Blood Fertilizers: Possums do not like the smell of blood. Hence it acts like a very good possum deterrent. Therefore, spraying the blood fertilizers around the backyard help to keep the possums away from your garden. Thus, you can keep your plants safe. 
  3. Garlic: Another such repellent is garlic. Possums also do not like the smell of garlic and thus never come close to it. You can make garlic spray at home. All you need to do is crush a few slices of garlic and mix them in one litre of hot water. Keep that water overnight. Because of this, the smell becomes stronger. Afterwards, spray this water over your plants or shrubs. You can also use chillies in place of garlic. But make sure to wash the fruit or vegetable you pluck from your garden before eating it. 
  4. Quassia Chips: Quassia chips are also a very good barrier for possums. Quassia chips are the bark of a South American tree. Mix approximately 100 grams of chips with a two-litre of water and boil it properly. After boiling, strain it and add two ml of detergent to it. Now spray it all over your yard. This DIY is mainly used in commercials properly and is very effective in keeping the possums at bay. 
  5. Lapsang Souchong Tea: The tea-based deterrent is yet another method to keep possums far away from you. You need to boil a few teaspoons of Lapsang Souchong tea in two litres of water. After boiling, let it cool for some time. Now strain the water and store it in a plastic spray bottle. Spray this mixture over your plants every two weeks. Make sure to use freshly prepared solutions every time. 
  6. Tabasco Sauce: Another method to prevent possums from affecting your plants is applying tabasco sauce near your plants. Possums will never get attracted to it since it is very spicy. But make sure you wash your hands after putting it on. Otherwise, it will burn. 
  7. English Mustard: Mustard is yet another stoppage for possums. Spray the mixture of English mustard directly on your fruits and vegetables. Then possums will never come close to your vegetation and will not harm it. 
  8. Scat Or Poss-Off: Except for all these home remedies. There are also commercially available possum repellents. Like scat or poss-off. These deterrents produce some unpleasant odour that keeps the possums away. But proper instruction must have to follow for the proper functioning of such tools. 


Despite all these ways to stop possums from eating your garden plants, one must check the area to be sure whether the possums had left the place or not. Therefore, the continuous application of such protocols must be done to keep them away. It is suggested to repeat the sprays every two to three weeks. Also, you can put up fences to ensure they get away. Possums are difficult to suppress, therefore any change to their pattern may be quite unpleasant and frequently leads to the possum leaving to look for food elsewhere. The secret is to strive! As we all know, it takes time to break a habit, so continue to spray and repeat, and the unpleasant behaviour of these creatures will eventually stop. Hire to CBD Possum Removal for Possum Removal Brisbane.



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