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How to Set Up the Perfect Bird Cage

Consider that birds are a commitment for life. Many live up to 40 years. Potential bird owners need to carefully consider where their pet should live before they bring it home. You can decide whether to give your bird free access in a room or a cage.

How to choose the right size bird cage

DVM Dr. Patricia Latas stated that it is possible to bird-proof entire rooms and arrange them for living. However, for birds that will be kept in cages she recommends purchasing the largest cage you can afford. Do Birds Have Sex She suggested that potential owners consider purchasing two cages for their bird, one for daytime and one for sleeping. Your bird should have access to a dark, safe place at night if it is to be allowed to roam freely in the room.

According to the Association of Avian Veterinarians, bird cages must be wide enough to allow for stretched wings and tall enough to accommodate long-tailed birds. The bird must have enough space to move around freely and not hit anything. Food bowls and bird perches are all items that can occupy space. Dr. Latas stated that a good rule of thumb is to allow 18 inches by 18 inch of floor space for each bird. Medium birds require at least 24 inches by 30, while large birds require more.

It is important that potential bird

owners plan for their bird to spend time outside its cage. She said that there should be plenty of play outside the cage. This could include climbing trees, play gyms and obstacle courses, as well as human interaction.Bar spacing can pose a danger to birds’ heads and could even prove fatal. Small birds should not have more than half an in spacing.

Latas stated that larger birds need bars that are strong enough to resist being bent by their beaks. He also said that bars shouldn’t converge like domed cages. They will prevent birds from getting their necks or feet caught in the narrowing angles. Latas stated that birds should avoid certain bar materials like chicken wire, hardware cloth, and other galvanized metals. This can cause zinc poisoning or even death.

Can Birds Live together

Dr. Latas stated that prospective pet owners should consult an experienced bird veterinarian before buying multiple birds.She said that the answer depends on the bird’s species, age, living arrangement, temperament, and background.

“A large, natural-furnished outdoor aviary might be able to accommodate a lot of birds. However, small cages or human-bonded birds may not be able accept new friends.She added that certain types of birds can become violent towards each other.

Where can you place your bird cage?

AAV suggests that your bird cage be placed in an area where the most family activity occurs. However, Latas warns against using fume-producing kitchens, garages, and other areas. She said that your bird should be located where there is an activity in your home, but away from danger.  Do Birds Have Teeth While a room that has a view of the outside is preferred, owners should consider moving the cage if their pet finds the activity too stressful.

Dr. Latas stated that birds can become stressed if they are not under constant observation. Dr. Latas said that companion birds, which are common in the wild, are often preyed upon and harmed by raptors and other wildlife. They are also sensitive to prolonged periods of observation. Their cage is often placed directly in front of windows so they can panic if a hawk passes. The same frightening, stressful effect can be caused by large objects such as balloons or overhead lamps above their cage.Cover a bird’s cage at night.



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