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How To Select The Best Evaporative Cooler?

You can choose from a variety of mount sizes and types to best suit your space. Below are some things you should consider when searching for an evaporative cooler.

Mount Type

The type of installation you choose is the key when selecting an evaporative cooler for your home. There are three main types of mount options: portable, window, and ground.

Portable: The most widely used type of evaporative cooling is the mobile unit. There are many sizes and styles to choose from for portable evaporative coolers. They can be plugged into an outlet and have wheels so that they are easy to transport from one room to the next.

Window: Sidedrafts are models that are mounted on a window. The cool air is directed from one side of a room instead of moving around. The window-mounted cooler occupies no floor space and is always accessible to fresh air.

Ground Units: Ground units can be installed on the ground to generate an updraft of airflow. They are also easier to maintain than window units. These units are similar to portable units. They can be placed on the ground and mounted on optional wheels for mobility.

Pad Type

The cooling pad is essential in cooling the process. When choosing the right evaporative cooling cooler, you should consider whether or not they are durable and cost-effective. Each evaporative cooler is designed to use a particular type of cooling pad. Make sure to review the specifications.

Aspen Wood – Aspen wood cooling pads are the most commonly used. These pads are made out of wood shavings. This makes them affordable and natural. Aspen wood pads require more frequent replacements than synthetic pads.

Synthetic – Synthetic pads use synthetic fibers like polyester to replace wood shavings. They last longer. Synthetic pads are durable and mold-resistant so they can often be washed again and again.

Rigid Media / Cellulose – This type of cooling pad uses specially-engineered cellulose papers to provide optimal cooling. The absorbent papers are folded into a solid cross-fluted design to maximize evaporation. They require less water than other cooling pads and consume less energy.

Cool Area

When choosing the right evaporative cooler for your home, another important factor to consider is how big your space is. To ensure that the right evaporative coolant is chosen for your space, measure it. Evaporative coolers are rated by how much they cool. This makes finding the right one easy.

Key Features

You will find a wide range of useful features in evaporative coolers. These features enhance the effectiveness of evaporative cooler designs, including remote controls and programmable timers.

Ice Compartment: Evaporative coolers that include an ice compartment will produce cold air more quickly. The dedicated ice compartments keep the cooling pad cooler and produce cold air faster.

Low-Water Indicator: This indicator lets you know when your evaporative cool needs to be filled.

Quiet Mode: The quiet mode feature helps to reduce excess noise. This feature is perfect for bedrooms and home offices.

Remote Control: Turn the evaporative cooling system on or off with a remote controller. The remote control allows you to adjust the temperature, speed, and oscillation side-to-side, without needing to get up.

Programmable Timer: Create a programmable timer that will allow your evaporative cooler to run in the warmest parts of the day or at night. This is an excellent feature in areas that experience transitional weather. It will also help you lower your energy consumption.

Wheels/Casters: casters or wheels make it simple to move your evaporative cool from one place to the other. This applies to both portable coolers as well as ground coolers.

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