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How to see Instagram Stories secretly anonymously?

Instagram Stories are becoming increasingly important. Many users mainly use this method to upload multimedia content during the day, leaving out (in part) the classic posts. As I have already had the opportunity to tell you in the past, in fact, using Instagram tracker is really fun and this could guarantee you a higher engagement than traditional photos and videos.

If you don’t want this to happen, you will have to rely on third party procedures , because officially there is no way to fix it. In most cases, all the procedures that I will propose to you below will allow you to watch the IG stories without viewing only after downloading the multimedia content . You can do it incognito, without being seen and without being followers of a particular profile, even if you have been blocked. This statement, however, varies based on certain circumstances (read on to understand).

After downloading an IG story, simply open the photo or video with any media player so that you can watch it in invisible mode. To download, third-party apps and tools connect to  the Instagram API , thus bypassing followers and blocks. The only thing that will be respected is the type of profile which, if private ,can remain partially protected. In any case, I remind you that the guide is written and published for informational purposes, and that you will act at your sole responsibility. Don’t forget that reposting a story without the creator’s consent is punishable by law.

It is also true, however, that there are still users who do not look favorably on this means of communication, above all because it makes them visible when they scroll through those present at the top of the main page. If you are one of them, and for this reason you have wondered how to see Instagram story viewer without being seen , I must tell you that you were lucky to get here. In the guide that follows, in fact, I will explain what you need to do to hide your name from the IG Stories view list. As I said earlier, every time you look at another user’s story, your username is automatically registered and added to the corresponding list. This way, the owner of the story will know that you have tapped its media content and played it.

What was said in the previous paragraph leads us to ask ourselves which Instagram stories can be seen without being seen . The procedures that I will show you, in fact, apply only to certain profiles or to certain categories of stories. Therefore, it will not be possible to “spy” all users of the social network. Specifically, it will be possible to play Instagram stories secretly related to public profiles . This is the basic condition, which can still be overcome by any apps that require access , which, at the “cost” of your credentials, will also secretly show you the stories of the private profiles you follow , and therefore you they accepted among the followers.Nonetheless, it must be emphasized that people connected to a public profile, or who manage a public Instagram Page, may still not show some stories to everyone, sharing them in the list of closest friends . The timed content that will be posted there will not be accessible with these tools, unless you are part of that circle of friendship.

Everyone can see Instagram stories without them knowing, even if, absurdly, they are not subscribed to the photographic social network. Of course, anyone will be able to do so under the aforementioned limitations. The best situation that allows you to control another subject through Instagram Stories, is that in which  you normally follow a profile, regardless of the type of the same. In this way, it will be possible to use the apps proposed below to play an Instagram story with full anonymity, even if it has been hidden.

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