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How to Record and Edit Videos for YouTube with iTop Screen Recorder?

YouTube, which is the biggest streaming platform in the world, caters to the many interests of its users by organizing its content into numerous categories. These categories include music, gaming, film and entertainment, sports, and news, among others. 

As a result, the YouTube Gaming channel is routinely ranked among the top five most subscribed channels on the platform. 

A game recorder is an essential piece of equipment for anybody who wants to produce material connected to video games. You can then post and share your favorite gameplay moments on YouTube or do any of the other things listed below. Here I highly recommend one PC screen recorder – iTop Screen Recorder for you. 

The next sections of this tutorial will provide a comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know in order to record games. Take your time reading this article and you will easily discover how to capture gaming videos for YouTube on your own computer.

Features of iTop Screen Recorder

Some highlights of iTop Screen Recorder are as follows:

Feature 1: Game Mode

Feature 2: 120fps 4K Recording

Feature 3: Record Screen & Facecam

Feature 4: No Time Limit

Feature 5: No Lag Recording

Feature 6: Editing 

Feature 7: Super Easy to Use

How to Use the iTop Screen Recorder to Capture Gameplay on Your Personal Computer and Upload It to YouTube?

After doing research on the many products available on the market, we have determined that iTop Screen Recorder is the best option.

The most significant aspect is that it does not cost anything to use, regardless of whether you want to record your Overwatch or Valorant gaming. People may receive excellent service at zero cost. 

In addition, when the recording is complete, iTop Screen Recorder allows for fast uploading to YouTube, which is a feature that brings a great deal of ease to gamers.

How can you record gameplay videos for YouTube using iTop Screen Recorder on your own computer? The following is an in-depth step-by-step guide.


Download the iTop Game Recorder. Then, follow the instructions provided by the setup wizard to install it on your own computer. You might also test out its web-based video recorder, which also supports recording from webcams.

Run the Program

After the installation is complete, run the program and go to Options > Settings to make any necessary adjustments to the settings for your camera, format, hotkeys, storage locations, mouse effects, and so on.

Choose the Game Mode

After returning to the main screen, pick the Game Mode to begin recording your gameplay. You may also activate the head-up display (HUD), speaker, microphone, or camera according to your requirements. 

After that, start the game you wish to record with this screen recorder for pc, and then click the F9 shortcut key to begin recording the highlights of the game.

End Recording

When you are complete, hit the F9 key once again to end the recording. You may see the video clip of the game, as well as change it and rename it, under the My Creations tab. 

You may also choose to post it straight to YouTube in order to facilitate immediate distribution.

Take Away

In conclusion, this post has provided full instruction on how to record gameplay on a personal computer for the purpose of uploading it to YouTube using a screen recorder. 

Additionally, the article has outlined the greatest video/ audio upload format requirements that YouTube has to offer. After reading the text, we are certain that you are now familiar with how to record games for YouTube on your own computer. 

The iTop Screen Recorder is a fantastic recording helper that delivers features and services that are among the finest in their respective categories. Downloading the program is highly recommended in order to have a successful experience with game recording.



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