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How to Make Painted Love Heart Gift Boxes

Gifts hold a special place in the hearts of people whether it is receiving or giving. The trend of giving presents is as old as the civilization because it is not just any formality but people share presents out of love, care, and affection that they share with their loved ones.

Gifts are not only given to friends and family but it has been used as an effective marketing technique by the companies to gain new customers and retain the currents ones that are more difficult.

The demand for gift boxes increases around special occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, etc.


The most frustrating and tiring thing is to get the perfect packaging for your Christmas gifts as it decides the success or the failure of your present.

Well, if you are late for your packaging and there is no time to get custom packaging from the outside or it could be that you are not very fond of getting your stuff from the outside but like to make it with your own hands to add that special effect to the whole thing.

Christmas is a season of love and heart-shaped boxes are perfect to show how much care about the person you are giving present to. It is the most unique and stylish box that will hold a very product in a most versatile manner, especially products like small jewelry, cookies, chocolates, small clothing items, and other stuff like this.

Without any further ado, let’s get to what things you will need to make your very own Christmas gift boxes painted in the colors that are the essence of the occasion.  


It is the easiest and the quickest way to get your most attractive and astonishing boxes for your presents, using them just a few things that you can find easily at home.

  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paints
  • Cardboard
  • Glue


You are just a few steps away from your custom heart boxes to make a style statement among your audience. 

  1. Get the template

Well, the world we live in is all about convenience and feasibility. There are a lot of websites that offer the easiest to use custom templates in any shape for the boxes.

Get your favorite template in the size that perfectly fits your needs or the product.

  1. Cutting 

You can paste your template on a cardboard sheet and also just trace it with the pencil. Take a sharp-end paper cutter. Cut your cardboard or any other material that you are using with the help of a cutter.

Make sure it is sharp and you must put sufficient pressure on the cutter to get clean edges.  

  1. Pasting 

Next comes the step that needs the most accurate and strong precision to get the right shape or the securing ends.

To give the strongest bonding go for the best quality glue that must not leave any loose ends.

  1. Painting 

Now comes the most exciting and fun part, painting.

Now comes your creativity. How imaginative and innovative you can get with your designs when it comes to painting the box. The best way to make your packaging more attractive is to go for the prints that represent your event in the most effective manner.

The use of acrylics is more advisable because it dries quickly and gives more vibrant and popping colors.

Here are some unique and fun patterns that you can go for the boxes, especially seeing the Christmas-y feel all around.

  • Red and white lines
  • Polka dots in contrasting colors
  • Abstract patch patterns of lines, dots, circles, and many more in Christmas colors.

Well, it is all up to you, who you are giving this present to and how much that person matters to you. You can always add custom names, messages, or other details on the boxes with the use of paints.

It is great to create your packing boxes but if you are not feeling like creating your boxes there is always an option to go for custom gift boxesThere are a lot of companies that offer the most luxurious custom boxes in the shapes, sizes, and designs that represent you most effectively. Custom gift boxes wholesale are cheapest than any other packaging that is available in the market. It is not only cheap but as luxurious and attractive or durable as other expensive alternatives.

Give your present the most authentic and aesthetic appeal with customization in the most personalized manner with custom gift boxes USA. You can not only design your boxes the way you like but also enhance the quality. These boxes give companies and customers an amazing opportunity to create the most versatile product boxes economically.

Whether it is DIY or customization, the important thing is to convey the message behind the thing that is offered.

Happy creating!



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