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How to Know If You’re Qualified for Medical Abortion

Abortion is now legal in the United States. There are several reasons why some women undergo medical abortion procedures. Many times, the reason may be financial, as these women may not be financially able to support their children. Other reasons may be health issues and emotional issues. Whatever your reason, you should be prepared to undergo this delicate procedure. Ideally, you should assess your eligibility for a Get abortion pills in Dubai before going to the clinic.

Your last menstrual period should be at 9 weeks or earlier

One requirement to be eligible for a Medicine for abortion in Dubai is that you must be 9 weeks pregnant. If you are still 9 weeks or earlier in your pregnancy, your doctor will recommend taking the abortion pill, which is approved by the FDA. Taking the abortion pill is safer than any other legal method. However, if you decide to have an abortion after 9 weeks, it is best to discuss with your doctor the safest method of surgical abortion procedure that he or she can recommend to you.

You must be emotionally prepared

Another identifying factor if you are eligible for a surgical abortion is to be physically and emotionally prepared. You should be sure of your decision and never have second thoughts about having an abortion procedure. If you are still hesitant, then it is recommended that you first consult with your abortionist about the matter. Ideally, you should be emotionally stable enough to undergo the procedure on your own. Never underestimate the possible psychological and emotional complications that may occur if the abortion procedure is not done well or if you experience an episode of depression before the procedure.

Are you ready for follow-up medical examinations?

Abortion procedures require at least two follow-up medical examinations. This may be more, depending on your doctor’s recommendations. These tests are important so that your doctor can monitor the success of the procedure. The doctor will also check to see if the abortion pills you took were effective and if you experienced any side effects. You should return to the clinic after the procedure and submit yourself for a physical examination. This is one way to ensure that you are still healthy after undergoing the abortion procedure.

Being eligible for this delicate procedure is important to ensure your health and safety. Most importantly, you should be physically and mentally fit to undergo this procedure.

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