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How to give singing more space.

You used to love to sing and you still love to do it. On your “when-I-have-time-list” you made a mental note: learn to sing, give singing more space. But the family, everyday life, the job, the household, your many other leisure activities do not give you the time to really tackle it. You put it off until later. Up when there’s finally nothing to do. I’m afraid; I’ll have to disappoint you. Does not work like that. That’s not going to happen any more than eating chips and lying on the couch watching Netflix and waiting for the pointer on the scale to go down. Believe me, I’ve tried it. The one with the chips. The time when you waste a lot of time will not come. Because as soon as a window of time opens up, you fill it up with other things. So what can you do to still find time to learn to and to give singing more space?

How can you give space to singing in your life?

Make a conscious decision. It might sound banal. But if you make a conscious decision to start learning to sing now, then it will happen.

Thinking about your dreams and desires

You see, you’re not really singing yet, but the more you know about what you want, the easier it will be to implement it later. Grab a notebook or a note-taking app – depending on your preference – and jot down your answers and thoughts on the following questions:

Do you really want to learn to sing or just dream about it?

Even if you answer for yourself that you only like to dream about it, that’s good to know. This saves you time again and you can occasionally continue dreaming in peace. But now without pressure and stress, because you know that the idea is enough for you. Then you don’t even have to plan time for it. It is important that you get clarity.

Ask why?

If you’ve found that you actually want more than chasing after your dreams, then ask yourself WHY you want to learn to sing? Why is it important to you that you want to give singing more space? List all the reasons you can think of. The more the better. Because the more reasons there are, the more likely you are to stick with it, even if the motivation is perhaps not that great.

Here are a few nudges to get the flow of thought going:

Do you already sing for yourself or in a choir and have technical difficulties or are you hoarse after singing?

  • Do you want to do something good for yourself?
  • Do you want to impress others with your voice?

Do you want to sing a song for someone else at a party and need the necessary technical tweaks or a nudge in the right direction?

You’re going through the menopause and nothing is the same anymore – not even your singing. And that’s why you get the bird out of it more often because you don’t get it all.

Do you often find yourself in a bad mood because you’re just not in your center, but know that after a little singing you feel much, much better? And you want to come to your center more often or like to stay there.

Do you perhaps have to speak a lot for work and your voice quickly feels tired and you would like to do something about it? Since you love to sing, you think you can kill 2 birds with one stone with it.

You just always wanted to perform in a jazz club.

You are passionate about singing karaoke and wish that the others would literally fall out of their shoes when you sing.

You keep singing anyway, but somehow you can’t get past a certain volume.

You used to sing wonderfully, but you had a longer break and now it doesn’t work out the way you’re used to.

You want to start your own band.

What changes if you can sing?

Now you know why you want to learn to sing, now imagine how your life will change if you can sing. What changes? What is your everyday life like? Will there even be professional changes because you can then use your voice more or differently? Or do you simply no longer have square eyes because you don’t sit in front of the TV that often anymore.

Think about whether you would rather go to someone’s class and enjoy one-to-one lessons in a safe atmosphere or whether you would rather attend workshops where you get to know other people who love to sing.

Maybe you prefer to learn online because you don’t have to leave the house. Again, the question arises whether it should be 1:1 singing coaching or whether you are looking for a course to learn to sing independently online. There are so many possibilities. Of course, you can also search countless YouTube videos for suitable material. But if we go back to the top now, you really don’t have time for that.

How much time do you want to spend singing?

As soon as you have clarified the HOW for yourself, think about HOW MUCH time you want to spend on it. And I say intentionally want and not can, because that too is a matter of planning and a conscious decision. Depending on which whys drive you, the intensity will also differ. But you can also approach a big goal in micro-units. The only important thing is that you start and stop as rarely as possible.



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