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How To Get Rid Of Clothes Moths And Everything Else You Need To Know

Do you love your clothes? Then do take care of your clothes and protect them from harmful pests called moth. Moths can be a big threat to your closet and the wardrobe as it can eat through the fabric. These can be a great nuisance and ruin all your clothes and if ignored, it is impossible to get rid of them. In this blog, we will explain the effective ways or methods to control Moth Infestation at the earliest.

Effective Ways Or Methods To Control Moth Infestation

  1. Dry Herbs: Herbs work like wonders on clothes as moths hate the odour of herbs. For Clothes Moth Treatment, take the dry herbs like lavender, bay leaves, cloves, and thyme in a small bag and hang them all over where you store clothes. You can also use herbal essential oil, mix it with water and spray it on your bags before storing them in safer places. 
  2. Use of Cedar: To keep your clothes rid of moth use Cedar oil mix with water and spray or diffuse all over the area of the wardrobe. The smell of cedar keeps the moth at bay and you can avoid expensive Moth Control Services.
  3. 3. Dry Cleaning of Clothes: It is very crucial to dry clean all your valuable clothes that need to be stored. With the use of hot water and high heat in the dry cleaning process, it is possible to kill the larvae and eggs of the moth and prevent its further infestation.
  4. 4. Use of vinegar: Wash your clothes and where you can trace the moth infestation you can treat that area with the solution of vinegar and water and scrub out the larvae or egg. This process can also be used for washing woollen clothes before storing them for a longer period. 

What To Do Prevent The Moth Growth 

It is not an easy task to get over the moth infestation but as it is said prevention is better than cure, you should go for all the measures to prevent the moth from entering your place and get into your belongings. Here are some tips by which you can prevent Moth Infestation from ruining your clothes.

  • Always Store Neat and Clean Clothes 

Always wash your clothes before storing them in your bags for a long period. Also, go for air – dry them in sunlight. Any larvae or moth eggs in your clothes are rinsed out and killed before the Moth Infestation.

  • Use of Naphthalene  Balls

It is also good to keep some naphthalene balls in dry cloth in a bag where you have kept all the clothes that are to be stored. The order of these balls keep the moth out of the place and thus reduce the infestation.

Note- Many experts consider these chemical balls as a hazard to one’s health. So be cautious while using them.

  • Store The Clothes In Airtight bags.

Make sure that the clean clothes are stored in tightly-sealed containers or suitcases so that moth can’t get inside and lay eggs. It is necessary to see that the woollen clothes are not exposed to the air as moths thrive easily while exposed to the surroundings. It is recommended to put the garments in the airtight sealed bag and then store them in the suitcase.

Note:  It is advisable to see that all the containers or suitcases are not kept in a damp and moist area. As moths can easily breed in these areas and enter the stuff. If possible store them in a dry place.

These are some measures to get rid of moth infestation but in case the infestation is out of control, it is better to hire the Pest Control Company for the complete eradication of moths at your place before it becomes the worst nightmare for you. Our Expert Pest Exterminators can easily detect the root source of a moth infestation and with all their latest techniques and chemical solutions can control the moths in your home.



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