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How to Efficiently Improve Your Family Home This Year

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Today’s family home has a lot of potential to function more efficiently and remain a safe, comfortable place to live. Home renovations are expensive, time-consuming projects that require permits, contractors and often structural changes to your house. You can make many smaller improvements that are less invasive and cost much less than renovating. These small improvements will help you optimize your home efficiently this year with minimal disruption and expense.

1. Change Your Light Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to save energy is to replace your incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs. These bulbs use less than one-fifth of the electricity as incandescent bulbs, so that you will save money on your monthly electricity bills. They are more expensive than incandescent light bulbs, but they last up to 25 times longer. If your family uses a lot of electricity, change your refrigerator compressor, water heater and dryer to more efficient models. If you live in an area with mild winters, use thermal curtains to keep your home warmer and cooler in the summer.

2. Install A Programmable Thermostat

Most families can benefit from a programmable thermostat. They let you set your heating and cooling system to automatic mode, so you don’t have to wake up to change your home’s temperature. You can set a programmable thermostat to keep your home at the optimal temperature, eliminating the need for unnecessary heating or cooling. For even greater savings, pair your thermostat with a smart air conditioning system. These systems will allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature and even let you set up vacation schedules for your house.

3. Repair or Replace Your HVAC System

If you live in an old house, your HVAC system may be inefficient, unreliable or have a short lifespan. If you haven’t had your heating and cooling system maintained or replaced, you can look into hiring a qualified contractor. An outdated HVAC system can cost you more money in higher utility bills. If you have an inefficient, unreliable HVAC system, you should consider replacing it. You can also opt for a furnace service for a more effective and efficient HVAC system.

Newer HVAC systems are more energy-efficient and have longer lifespans than older models. They are also more affordable. Depending on your utility provider and location, a more efficient HVAC system could save yearly costs.

4. Repair Leaky Faucets

The easiest way to reduce your water use is to repair any leaky faucets. Some leaks are easy, but you may not notice a drip from the faucet handle. You can fix this leak by removing the handle and putting a few drops of silicone or plumber’s putty in the hole. It is quick and easy and is often done by homeowners. If you can’t spot the leak, you may want to hire a plumber to identify it. Fixing your leaky faucets will save you money on water bills and reduce the amount of wasted water. You can also replace your faucets with water-saving faucets.

5. Seal Up Unused Ventilation Ducts

Ventilation ducts are essential to keeping your family healthy, but they can also be a source of dust, allergens and CO2 buildup in your home. Over time, ventilation ducts can become clogged with dirt, dust and other debris. Old, clogged ducts can lead to poor air quality and health problems. If you have ventilation ducts leading to unused rooms in your house, you should seal them to avoid contaminants building up in your home. It can greatly improve the quality of air in your home.

6. Install New Appliances and Windows

If you have appliances or windows in your house that are old, inefficient or broken, you may want to consider replacing them. Small appliances like your refrigerator, water heater, thermostat and windows can cost you hundreds in energy bills throughout your lifespan. Newer models are more efficient and can save you money in the long run. For appliances, you can improve efficiency by cleaning them every six months. You can ensure to clean the coils and cut down on energy usage regularly.


By making small changes and keeping up with regular maintenance, you can keep your homes comfortable and safe for your families. These improvements may take a little extra time, but they are worth it.



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