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How to Deliver Effective Online Tutoring

As a new online Tutor, you may be wondering how to deliver effective online tutoring. The good news is that there are a few key steps to follow, starting with determining the tutor’s interest in the topic. After this, you can choose the Tutoring platform and start recording and monitoring the sessions. If all goes well, the tutor and student will be happy to work together. However, before you begin tutoring online, it is important to understand how to monitor and record the sessions.

Tutor interest

How to deliver effective online a level online tutor involves several steps. The first step is to understand the needs of your students. You can help them solve problems and motivate them, but the second step is to create a positive environment. You need to make sure that your teaching style is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities. Synchronous activities help you communicate with your students directly and help them with brainstorming. The latter helps you engage in reflective mind exercises, which will help them improve their skills and boost their motivation to learn.

In order to keep your students motivated and engaged, you should create a friendly environment for tutoring sessions. You may also need to employ the services of an administrator who will check in students via video call and guide them to the right video call. Video calls are beneficial for sharing information and reducing the need for text messages, so try using them whenever possible. As for the duration of the sessions, you can schedule extra sessions near assignment deadlines or exam times.

Tutoring platform

There are many factors that determine how effective an online tutoring platform will be. Tutors need to be paid well for their time, which is why SideHusl rates online tutoring platforms on the level of quality. Additionally, parents should know that the best online tutoring platforms are likely the best places to find great educators for their children. Additionally, since most tutors have many choices, they are likely to flock to companies that treat them well.

As a teacher, you need to have a subject-matter expertise (SME) to be successful with your online tutoring business. While most of the subject-matter you will teach will be learned on the job, prior experience will help you diagnose student issues and develop strategies to resolve them. Ultimately, prior experience will help you become a great online tutor. In addition to having a solid understanding of what students are looking for in an online tutor, you also need to be able to engage students and motivate them to learn.


If you are looking for a simple way to record online tutoring sessions, you may want to consider using the free YouTube platform. Tutors can post their videos to YouTube and make them public or private. Recording sessions allows students to review the materials they are learning and can also be used for homework. Typically, tutors use Word Documents or PDFs. However, the field is growing and more products and services are being developed for this purpose.

Most online whiteboards and video chat services allow you to record your lessons. If you are not comfortable with using this tool, you can record your lessons to review them later. Other methods can include sharing resources and submitting assignments outside of the lesson. If possible, you should ask your student for consent before recording your session so you can be sure that everything is done appropriately. In any case, remember to make sure your students are prepared before recording their sessions. Otherwise, they will be confused and frustrated.


Monitor the effectiveness of online tutoring by gathering data on student progress. The FEV Tutor system provides ongoing student achievement reports, complete with commentary from tutors. The program also offers weekly snapshot summaries and recent trends. Access to real-time data helps teachers make informed instructional decisions. In addition, weekly push reporting includes a snapshot of key performance indicators, student progress, and links to recorded tutoring sessions. The FEV Tutor platform is customized to match Tulsa Public School’s needs and a customized hierarchy of students.

The effectiveness of online tutoring can be measured by comparing student learning outcomes with those of students who did not receive tutoring. The tutored students scored higher than those who did not receive online tutoring, and this difference was not dependent on academic year or type of learning tool. While online tutoring can be scaled up to serve more students, faculty will need to monitor student satisfaction and determine which features and benefits will be most helpful to students.

Student engagement

The use of video and other visual media is one way to enhance student engagement. Research shows that the brain processes visuals at 60,000 times the rate of text. Therefore, visual information is easier for students to understand and retain. Also, students are more likely to engage in a virtual tutoring session if they can see their instructor. This method of online tutoring has many benefits. Here are some of them:

Final Words:

Be engaging: Students are prone to doubt their own abilities and focus. Encourage them with feedback and personal stories. When students doubt their abilities, they can get lost in overthinking. Positive feedback will motivate them to learn more. If they are not improving, you can use personal stories to encourage them. You should make sure that your students feel comfortable around you and can contact you at times that suit them best.



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