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How to decorate nails in 5 minutes

How many times have you tried to decorate your natural nails with minute drawings, glitter, and stickers and then see them chipped or broken a few days or even hours later?

Having nails that are always well-groomed is everyone’s desire, but you don’t always choose to resort to reconstruction in the salon or the application of semi-permanent nail polish which, in the long run, can dehydrate and weaken your natural nails. By now there are hundreds of different types of nail polishes that can be applied independently at home, but the drying, the precision, the smudging, the touching: everything becomes a job that requires time and attention and we end up keeping our naked nails with a little of reinforce.

What it is and how it works

These are adhesive films with an elongated shape, usually in plastic material, very thin, elastic and waterproof. This type of product is suitable for lasting more days than traditional enamel. It is scratch-proof, does not dull and does not flake, comes in sachets, generally transparent to be able to choose color and pattern easily. Inside you will find a set of at least ten adhesive papers of different sizes to peel off and apply on clean and dry nails, just like you would do with very simple stickers.

How do you put it?

But let’s see how to get the best results in 5 very simple steps:

  • First of all make sure you have dry and clean nails , remove any residue of old polish or gel so that the surface is smooth and even. If needed, pass a buffer gently to remove irregularities and degrease the nail.
  • Care for the cuticles: push them down with the tip of an orange stick or an iron file; it is important that the area of ​​application is free.
  • Take the stickers out of the sachet and, without removing the papers, decide which size best fits the nail you want to treat. Once you have chosen, take the adhesive paper with tweezers and place it on your nail starting from the base. First attach the central part and then with a finger make the rest of the adhesive adhere to the sides of the nail and to the tip.
  • With scissors, remove the excess and file the tips to even the adhesive with the end of your nail.
  • Use a top coat if you want to increase the shine of the nail and protect the product.

Now that you have learned all the basic tricks you are ready to give nail polish strips a chance! Take advantage of the dozens of combinations for your next special occasion, I’m sure it will be fun.



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