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How To Choose The Right Hat?

Choosing the right hat for many seems to be as difficult a task as choosing the right jeans. But if without jeans, of course, there is no life, and one way or another you have to buy them, then many refuse hats precisely for this reason.

As it turns out – in vain. By following simple rules, hats and caps can be accurately chosen and bought even without fitting, in the online store.

Choose the color that literally suits you

This rule seems obvious, but in fact, it is not always followed. Often we buy caps and hats on the principle of “to match outerwear.” If the coat is green, the headdress will be gray or black.  In an attempt to buy a hat that can be worn with all jackets, coats, and fur coats, we stop at gray, black or beige. 

And we make a mistake. Yes, gray, black, and beige are universal colors. But it does not follow from this that they adorn everyone.  Choose them according to the principle “what shade makes my eyes brighter and my skin fresher?” If you want to wear something funky, order a frog hat online.

Pay attention to the scope of the brim of the hat

Height and shoulder width are two parameters that you need to focus on when choosing a hat with fields. Low should be limited to fields about 8 cm wide. Height 165-167 cm? Take the “golden mean” . Tall, as always, are the luckiest – they can wear hats with any brim, including wide ones. But in any case, if you are not attracted by the resemblance to a mushroom, make sure that the brim of the hat is at the same shoulders (in extreme cases, flush). The exception is beach hats, whose task is to protect from the sun, but we are not talking about them now.

Consider Your Face Shape

The shape of the crown of the hat should not contrast with the sculpture of the face. The crown is the top part of the hat. It can be rounded (more feminine models) or hard (a la men’s trilby or fedora, in the form of a trapezoid and a hollow in the center). If you have soft and rounded features, choose hats with a round crown. If the facial features are more distinct (it doesn’t matter here whether they are large or not) – “fedors”.

Consider Features of Your Face

The hat (and cap) should not be smaller than the head 🙂 If you need to visually remove the cheeks – choose hats with a wide brim as your height allows (but not wider than your shoulders :). And a hat with a wide lapel. Tablets are not for you. Berets – most likely, too. If the face is thin and narrow – on the contrary, feel free to wear hats without lapels, hats – “pills”. Berets are generally the perfect choice. You can put them on in different ways: move them to the forehead or pull them closer to the crown and let the hair out.

Size matters

A hat that is too big will slide over your ears and turn you into the aforementioned mushroom, a hat that is too small will hang on top of your head and fly off at the first gust of wind. Head size also varies from hairstyle 🙂 To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head by a centimeter exactly where you are going to wear a hat, and exactly the hairstyle with which you are going to do it. 55, 56, or 57 cm – this is essential for summer “Panama-hats”. 



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