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How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Flowers

Flowers and Birthdays Go Together

Flowers have an archetypical quality to them. They bloom at intervals, and each bloom represents a season. Now, in subtropical and tropical environments, blooms may be continuous; but in the northern latitudes, winter withers flowers while spring spurns them onto robust blooms.

There’s a shift through the year, making them even more archetypical representative. Essentially, this makes flowers an even better decoration for a birthday party. Every year is a new bloom, as it were. But you’ve got to exercise discretion in choosing them, so the birthday guest is as enchanted with your choice as you are. We’ll explore a few ways to do that here.

1. Be Sure to Factor in the Coloration

Be sure the color of the bouquet matches the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl. There are flowers that are green, believe it or not, and certain flowers can be dyed if you’ve got someone interested in darker shades, or varying gray hues. Definitely, though, it’s paramount to get the color of birthday flowers right.

2. Get Flowers in the Proper Proportion

Don’t get too many or too few. Well, sometimes one rose given to the lady you love on her birthday as you and her travel to some special event are perfectly appropriate. In most cases where there’s a party, you’ll want at least a bouquet. However, for a surprise party, if you buy $1,000 in flowers and cover every square foot of the house, that’s going overboard.

Here’s the thing, though. There are situations where that level of celebration defining the occasion would make something like wall-to-ceiling flower decor appropriate.

So you’ve got to be smart here. What level of celebration are you putting on? Is it casual, is it over-the-top? Is it just you and the birthday guest, or are there a dozen folks you invited? Consider these things.

decoration for a birthday party

3. Look Into Flower Box Services for Shipping

Flower box services can be a fine present. These are subscription boxes that send new floral arrangements to the recipient every month. You could order a flower box before the big day, and present it as a gift to the birthday celebrant. Now, going this route will assure shipping is proper and predictable; within 1 to 5 days, and can help you control the end result.

You can buy flowers at a shop, or have them delivered, but if you go to the shop, what you want may not be there; and if you’re getting them delivered the day you order them, the delivery man could be caught up in traffic. So order flowers on the “day of”, and they might not get there till the party is done. If you get a box in advance of the party, that’s more predictable.

Celebrating A New Birthday With Blooming Floral Excellence

Subscription box flowers can help you control delivery a bit more sustainably; just be sure to order them well enough in advance to learn the pattern of delivery. The number of flowers you get for the birthday celebration, and their color, are also quite important. Factor these things in, and the birthday flowers you decorate with will have the intended effect.



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