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How to check the installation of Google Tag Manager GTM

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a particularly useful tool because it simplifies the management of tracking tags placed on a website. When implementing GTM, perhaps after migrating from Google Analytics , it is important to verify that the tracking tag is inserted in all pages of the site otherwise you risk having incomplete and partial data.

To perform the web analytics tag check there are many tools available, let’s see some both free and paid.

Check the web analytics tags

  • Google Tag Assistant is a free extension of Google Chrome to check the tracking codes on the page. To make the change, simply activate the extension and navigate to the web page to be verified.
  • Tag Inspector runs reports showing “tagged” and untagged pages. The free version is limited to scanning 100 pages and can check the presence of the tag in real-time by Google Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, Omniture, AdRoll, Optimizely and more.
  • Hub’Scan is a web analytics platform. The free version analyzes 100 pages and reports those not tagged. This tool not only checks the presence of the tags, it also checks the activation (firing) and the correct signaling to the server that collects the data.
  • ObservePoint is a suite of premium tools for performing website audits. To check the tracking codes, the Tag debugger is available , a free Google Chrome extension with which you can also check the variables of each tag.
  • Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) offers an extensionfor Firefox which scans the pages of the website and reports which pages are not tagged.
  • Obviously , Screaming Frog , my favorite crawler, could not be missing from this list ( find the guide here ). Through the Custom filters function you can identify the untagged pages by setting the filter ” Does Not Contain” and in the search enter “www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js” (without quotes).
  • Logic Agent defines itself as a tool for auditing web analytics tags. This tool does not have free versions but 3 premium plans based on the reports that are requested.
  • GA Checker is an online tool that scans the pages of the site and shows the tags found.

Do you know other useful tools to check web analytics tags? Share your experience, leave a comment!



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