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How To Cancel Avast Auto Renewal

Avast is a famous company that provides internet security for all the operating systems like the mobile or pc. It is always the best for the users when they have an avast subscription package. But suppose if they want to stop the subscription, and so they want the avast stop auto-renewal, then it is also possible. People are not compelled to subscribe and renew at the regular interval. So if the users want to change to other security applications or if they want to stop the premium subscription and then start using the free avast subscription, then it is now possible for them.

Steps to stop the auto-renewal process

The auto-renewal is the common one that will happen automatically, so you have to make the payment. But you can change the setting by using the following steps.

  • First, you have to sign into the avast account for avast stop auto-renewal.
  • In that, you have to select my subscription property.
  • Then you have to choose the subscription that you want to cancel. Suppose if you have a more number of subscriptions, then all of them will appear. So you have to select the plan that you want to end.
  • Another thing is that when you do not have the subscription number appearing on the menu, you can simply add the subscription and then unsubscribe.
  • Even if you can still not find the unsubscribe button, then you have to follow the alternative method.
  • Another method is you have to simply click on the Still need help? An option that is present. This will directly let you choose the unsubscribe button. Even if you are not getting this button, then click ‘still need help?’ then it will show the continue option.
  • Now you have to click on the continue option and see the list of the options that will appear like the I do not need the product, the price is too high, I no longer need it, others, etc. So the option that you want to select can be selected, and then click on the unsubscribe button.
  • This will notify you through the email about cancel avast automatic renewal, and that is it.

Thus it is easy to cancel the avast subscription without any issue. You will not get any problem with the current expiration date of the package. The users can simply check the status of the subscription at any moment. After the expiration, you will be able to get the free version of the pack or simply remove the avast products.

Cancellation steps for the products purchased via google play or the app store

Since many mobile users are using the avast app to get full security and so for them it is also the easiest one. They have to simply open the play store that is present. Then, they have to click on the profile picture to open the menu option and select my subscriptions. In that, you have to select your avast subscription that is present. Then it will show you the current plan’s subscription details, so you have to tap on the cancel subscription at the bottom. You will also get the pop-up dialog box about whether you want to pause the subscription. Here you have to tap on the no thanks option that is present. It is a more comfortable one for the avast users to simply remove the avast products from the next subscription. But you can use the full subscription of the current plan until its expiration date.

The list of the options will be present for the people to select and in that, you have to select to make the avast team know the reason for the unsubscription, and also they will take this as the feedback.

You just click on the option you want and then click on the continue button. Thus immediately, you will get the pop-up message that your subscription is canceled. The email ID you provided will receive the confirmation mail for that. This is the same process that you have to follow when you are using the app store. So it is more comfortable and takes only a few minutes to stop the renewal of avast product. Thus it is easy to manage everything at the right time.

Use the customer support

Customer support is also available for unsubscribing the avast product, so you have to call customer care. The contact number for your current location and the region will be available if you have not searched and gotten them. After this, you have to wait for the customer support staff to call you and just tell you to unsubscribe.

Thus, whatever steps you follow, the process is easy only for the unsubscribing, and it will not charge any amount for that. It is completely free, and also, you will have the option to access the remaining current plan until it expires. Thus finally, you will be directed to the free version.

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