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How to build quality backlinks with guest blogging

Did you know that guest blogging generates better backlinks? I don’t understand why people don’t visit the blog anymore. Let’s say you’re a celebrity and you’ve just read a movie or a book. How are you going to promote it? You can place ads on radio and television or in newspapers. I think it works and is also quite expensive. Most celebrities come out months after the release and promote it themselves on every TV and radio show. They like to hire celebrities because they attract more viewers.

So – you’re not a celebrity and you can’t go on

the Tonight Show to talk about your blog or buy high da PBN – right? Whoever you are, there are blogs out there with more readers than you, and believe it or not, they could use your help! You may not have “celebrity power”, but if you can write compelling content, you’ll have all the blogs that come from a celebrity appearance on a TV or radio show. You have “content power”!

Are you one of those people hoping to get more visitors? Want to double or triple your RSS subscribers? Are you passionate about blogging and commenting, but your web traffic continues to grow indifferently? If you follow my guest blogging plan, I believe you will build the best links and make the most of your time.

You probably already know who your blog’s niche competitors are.

If not, Stars On Blue provide just type in your best keywords and all the sites on the first two pages of Google will be your competition. They all probably have a contact page. If they don’t, do a whose lookup (Google it) and find the domain owner’s email address and email them. What you want to do is write your cover letter as if you were writing a resume for a job. Explain who you are, why you’re an expert in your field, and show direct examples of your writing and your main blog URL.

Offer a post of at least 1,000 words with attached images in exchange for a short headline with a link or two at the end of your blog’s “guest post.” When you get a response from these blogs, post a few sample articles before you start writing. Then write as attractive a message as possible. Once your article is published, checks it several times a day for comments and comments on each article as if it were your own blog. Then watch the backlinks pile up!

In my case, one day I was researching

Word Press blogs and found a list of “Top 10 Word Press Blogs” online. My first thought was “why am I not on this list?”. Then I thought, well – if I can’t get a list, I bet I can get a guest post on every list! Which do you think will benefit more, leaving 100 blog comments or writing a 100+ word guest post about your top 10 competitors? I’ve talked to a few people who can’t guest post because they think it’s “giving away content”. When does self-marketing provide content? Above all, it goes a long way when you show how good your content is and give people a reason to come back to your site to read more. It’s like having your own realtor in someone else’s backyard. The blog, published this month, has over 5,000 RSS subscribers. And guess what, the more guest posts you have, the easier it is to guest post to some of the bigger blogs online because you can turn your letter into something like, “I guest posted here, here, and here. . . .”. I’ve written so much content for other people in the last few weeks that I’ve been hoarding offers for a month – and they all have to pay me to write the content (and still get a link at the bottom of my bio. For more information visit our website https://www.digitalmarketing1on1.com/guest-posting-blog-posting-networks



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