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How To Build A Stay-Level Shelf For Your Murphy Bed

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to build a stay-level shelf on top of your Murphy bed, such as if you want to store exercise equipment there or if you need to fit something tall like bookshelves between the wall and the bed when it’s in its down position. Once you learn how to build this great shelf, it will take just minutes each time you want to use it and will help keep your belongings in place no matter what position your bed is in.

Stay Level Desk Kit For Murphy Bed

A stay level desk kit allows you to have both a desk and a place to sleep. Murphy beds are great for when you have guests or just want some extra space in your home, but they can be inconvenient because of the limited space. A kit like this ensures that you will always have plenty of work space, even when the bed is down.

As long as you don’t need more than two feet on each side, these kits can be built in any size and style you want. And if you already own a Murphy bed and would like to upgrade it with this feature, no problem! All kits come with installation instructions so that even novice DIY will be able to install one quickly and easily themselves.

Queen Size Murphy Bed With Desk Plans

It is also possible to build your own queen size murphy bed, with a desk underneath, from scratch. The bed takes up less floor space and makes more room for other furniture in the room. Building one of these beds is not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you’ve taken the time to do some planning and drafting out the design first. Here are some steps on how you can create your own desk/murphy bed combo

How Does Murphy Bed Desk Work?

Murphy bed desks are the perfect solution for small spaces where there just isn’t room for an additional piece of furniture. They’re like regular desks that fold down and store away, only they have legs instead of drawers. The entire desk drops down on rails and locks into place when it’s time to use it.

Murphy bed cabinets work the same way but instead of locking up when you’re done, they store stuff in them!

How Do You Keep A Murphy Bed Down?

There are many ways that you can keep your Murphy bed down. The most common technique is purchasing hardware that connects the two end pieces of the bed so they fit snug against one another. That way, no matter how much the mattress shifts, it’s not going anywhere. Other tricks include adding weights on each side of the bed or securing them in any way possible.

For example, some people cut an old bicycle tire in half and use it as weights along the sides of their Murphy bed frame. Lastly, many owners also use any type of material or object they have lying around that will push up against one end piece of the mattress – such as stacking up clothes or books on top of it to weigh it down.

How Are Murphy Beds Secured?

Murphy beds are secured by an exterior leg that is able to fold into the floor. This means you will need to account for the head and footboards of your bed in terms of whether or not you can place anything on it. What most people will do is get sheets, blankets, and any other bedding items off of their bed before putting the murphy bed down and securing it in place with the external leg.

You’ll also want to secure this leg as well either with screws, glue, nails, or another adhesive product so that your mattress won’t slip off at night. It’s worth mentioning that both the external leg and your headboard/footboard may require some basic carpentry skills in order to measure correctly and drill holes where necessary.


The great thing about a Murphy bed is that you have so much floor space when it is down. You can use this extra space for anything, and then the Murphy bed provides another room for guests or family. Sometimes you need extra storage in your home, and the Murphy bed’s wall just doesn’t provide enough.

Building shelves on the wall not only helps with storage but also builds out your wall space. You can make it as tall or as low as you want depending on where it will be in relation to the ground and what suits your needs. This way you can turn one of your unused spaces into something useful!



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