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How to Brew Your Soda at Home?

The weather in Australia is generally bright and warm, so people – tourists and locals alike spend most of their time chilling on beaches. 

And one thing that goes hand in hand with hot summer afternoons and beaches is soft drinks. No one would hardly say no to a bit of frizz as a way to quench their thirst or compliment a meal. 

However, soda consumption is not always healthy for your body and wallet. 

So, what should you do? Should you eliminate them from your life? Well, the answer is no. Instead, take a healthy route towards soda. 

How about you craft soda within the comfort of your home? This will ensure that the drink you create is healthy, choosing natural substances and tasty as you can match it to your preference. 

Read on to know more about how to brew soda at home. 

Benefits of Making Soda at Home

When you brew soda at home, you control its health aspects. You make sure what process to use, manage the number of ingredients and make changes per your preference. For instance, if you want to reduce your sugar intake, you can minimise the sweetness of your soda by adding no or little sweetener or sugar. 

Further, you can customise the drink to your taste and preference. Whether you want something strong, light, or sweet, you can add other ingredients to meet your needs. You can also ban all kinds of chemicals and added preservatives from your drink.

Making soda at home is also economical for you and good for the planet. You are preventing the bottles from entering landfills after their use. 

Brewing Soda at Home 

Whether you are looking to save money or experimenting, or taking a healthy route, brewing soda at your home is not a bad idea. Though a challenging race, the price is worth it. So, collect these ingredients if you are serious about creating soda at home: 

  • Sugar 
  • Soda extract or other flavours 
  • Yeast (brewing or wine yeast)
  • A Large pot or 2-litre plastic soda bottles

What are you supposed to do now? 

  • Combine sugar and water in a saucepan, place on the furnace and heat until all the sugar dissolves. 
  • Pour the mixture into a big pitcher, blend in soda extract or some other flavours you have selected, and yeast.
  • Next, divide and separate the mixture into different bottles and seal them tightly. Store them at 79 degrees F. This temperature ensures yeast consumes the sugar, and CO2 starts to release, leading to carbonation. 
  • Monitor bottles every 24 hours to see if carbonation is initiated by squeezing them. When the bottles are not pressured, put them in the refrigerator for cooling until you are ready to drink.

Homemade soda is just a few hours away with the above-listed steps. Though brewing will c require time and patience, the results will e worth it. Some trial and error would also be there – you may not be able to craft soda on the first go. 

But with practice and time, you may prefer homemade over store-bought soda. 

Not only are you doing a favour to your wallet but also the Earth, since your store-bought soda cans end up in landfill and add to waste disposal issues. 

So, how about you start brewing soda at home for your and the planet’s goodness? 



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