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How to become Yoga Instructor

You’ve probably noticed how amazing you feel after a yoga session. Yoga might have improved your health and perhaps saved your life. “How can I share it with other people?” comes to mind. “how to become a yoga instructor explained if you click here?” It’s a tale I’ve heard many times before. When one recognizes the significant influence yoga can have on one’s life, it’s natural to want to learn more and share the benefits with others. So, if you’ve considered this career path, you may be questioning how to become a yoga instructor and assist others in the same way that yoga changed your life.

Yoga has been a transformative experience in my life. I’d want to help others benefit from the gift of knowledge and self as well!

We all want to assist others and make a difference, but not everyone understands how. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a yoga teacher, you’ve come to the right place!

But don’t panic; I’m here to tell you that anybody may get certified as long as they have internet connection (and money).

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A yoga instructor certification is the first step in how to become a yoga instructor.

In this post, we’ll go through the options and things to think about when turning your passion for yoga into a job, and hopefully answer the question “how to become a yoga instructor?”

A yoga instructor’s job description

Yoga instruction entails much more than just constructing sequences and explaining poses. The yoga instructor’s job is to provide a secure and supportive atmosphere for students while also guiding them through mindful practices to help them calm their minds and reconnect with themselves.

A yoga instructor must comprehend and embody yoga’s philosophy in addition to knowing the anatomy of movement and the subtleties of yoga postures.

As a result, we might regard yoga instructors’ roles as twofold: on the surface, a yoga instructor must understand the human body in order to properly lead movements, postures, and death.

A yoga teacher motivates students to live a mindful life and transforms subtle mental patterns on a deeper level.

Why acquire a yoga teacher certification and how to become a yoga instructor?

Even if teaching yoga isn’t your job objective, learning how to become a yoga teacher may help you get a better knowledge of the practice and why it has such a profound influence on people’s lives.

You’re not on your own! More than half of the 500+ students I certified to become yoga teachers had enrolled in a yoga instructor program solely to expand their knowledge and practice.

You will learn about the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as yoga anatomy and specific alignments, while studying to become a yoga teacher.

Pranayama and meditation, two important yoga pillars that are seldom taught in yoga courses, are often included in yoga teacher training.

Taking a yoga teacher training is a significant personal development that goes beyond learning the skills to become a yoga instructor.

Most of my students who merely wished to enhance their practice light a fire and feel compelled to share their newly discovered knowledge with others by teaching yoga!

The typical path to become a yoga teacher

Yoga schools as we know them now were only founded in the past century. Prior to that, and for the previous 5000 years, being a yoga teacher was equivalent to an apprenticeship.

Pupils would devote years to their guru or gurus, absorbing their wisdom and following their instructions, until the guru sent them out into the world to disseminate their knowledge.

The K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India, was one of the first schools to use this framework to codify yoga teacher credentials.

Year after year, Ashtangis who come to Mysore to practice at the KPJAYI for weeks or months at a period may gain the instructor’s approval to become an approved Ashtanga teacher. The school, which is now run by Pattabhi Jois’ granddaughter and daughter, follows the same format.

Aside from Ashtanga yoga, you may train to become a yoga teacher by following an outstanding instructor or guru’s instruction for many years in any yoga style.

Through mirroring the teacher, learning how to become a yoga instructor using this methodology may give in-depth study of the practice and pedagogy.

It does, however, provide some significant obstacles. The amount of training necessary might take several years, so it will be some time before you can earn money teaching yoga.

You may or may not get an education in essential areas such as anatomy and physiology, depending on the instructor or instructors you follow.

Consider supplementing your apprenticeship with additional training if you take this path to become a yoga teacher.



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