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How to Attract New Renters with Digital Listings

Landlords are always striving to solve the puzzle of attracting new renters.

What is the best formula for writing a listing? Where will listings get the most exposure and visibility?

There are several reasons why you might find yourself looking for new renters. Maybe you have several vacancies, lots of tenants planning to move soon, or a plan to acquire a new property. If you want to fill your units, now is the time to focus on advertisements and marketing.

In particular, you need digital rental property listings. Strong digital ads generate a high volume of new applicants. Yard signs and newspaper ads are simply insufficient in today’s digital climate.

Fortunately, digital listings are highly accessible and easy to learn. Even if you only start with one platform, your listing will achieve greater reach than any newspaper or magazine listing.

Here are some tips and strategies for attracting new renters with your digital listings.

  1. Enhance Your Photographs

Internet users make snap decisions based on what they see. Renters are no different. Their gut reaction to the first photograph they see will determine whether they click on your listing.

In fact, a survey from the National Association of Renters found that 85% of renters identify photographs as the number one factor influencing their decision to view a property. Don’t overlook this majority!

The best photographs are taken with professional equipment (or a good phone camera if you don’t have access to expensive gear). Take your photos with excellent lighting and flattering angles. Bright, clean rooms are the most visually appealing.

Photos can make a world of difference in attracting more renters.

  1. Include Your Website Link

Be sure to include a link to your company’s website in each of your digital listings. This will increase your website traffic over time and help renters find what they need.

For example, say a renter notices your listing on Zillow. However, the listing is for a two-bedroom apartment, and they’re looking for a one-bedroom. If your website link is present, the renter can easily navigate to your site and browse around to see if any other units are available. With any luck, you’ll have a property that interests them.

Your website also needs to be visually appealing. Professional website design is always the best, but you can design your own on site-builders like Square Space. Make sure your site is updated, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly.

  1. Pay for Top Placement

There are many platforms where you can post your listings: Zillow Rental Manager, Apartments.com, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Many of these platforms let you pay to increase your listing’s ranking and visibility on the site. This means renters will see your listing closer to the top of the page.

Paid ad placement is not always necessary, but it does offer some advantages. Paid listings are more efficient than organic traffic. They help you reach a targeted audience at specific times when your renters are most likely to be online.

If you decide to pursue paid advertising, keep in mind that various pricing models are available. Some platforms charge a flat fee for ad placement, while others use a pay-per-click (PPC) model. This model charges you based on the number of clicks your ad receives.

  1. Use Listing Syndication

Do you use property management software? If not, you’re missing out on one of the top features: listing syndication.

Offered on most property management software platforms, listing syndication allows you to write one listing and distribute it to many popular listing sites at once.

Listing syndication helps you reach lots of renters across a variety of sites. It also eliminates the time it takes to post listings on individual sites and helps you streamline rental advertising. Speed matters—even a month’s worth of lost rent could mean deficits and losses for your business.

  1. Write an Engaging Headline

The most direct way to captivate new renters is to write an engaging headline. Headlines should be succinct and able to convey all the essential information in a brief sentence.

The price of your rental should come first. After all, price is the most significant factor in many renters’ choice of housing. After price should come the number of bed/baths, the type of building, the neighborhood, and the property’s best feature.

Here’s an example of a compelling headline:

$1,100 – 1 Bed/1 Bath apartment in downtown Ann Arbor close to University of Michigan campus.


Digital listings are the most effective way to reach hundreds of renters in a short amount of time. Whether you’re a marketing pro or are just starting your rental business, digital listings are a sure way to attract new renters and sign new leases.



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