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How to attend to velvet curtains?

Velvet is an entirely tactile fabric; consequently, every person seeing the velvet curtain desires to cross and contact them. These curtains are perfect for places you want to dam daylight that has paramount significance. Velvet curtains absorb the most sunlight, making them an excellent desire for bedrooms and libraries. Including velvet curtains in your room imparts luxury and class without garnishing the interiors. Velvet curtains upload beauty to your interiors that you may contain in current flats or conventional houses.

We know how a whole lot you adore your velvet curtains in Dubai. But, the one that you love, velvet curtains, requires more Care and interest because of their 3-dimensional fabric base and capacity to draw dust. Therefore, this text offers some commonplace pointers you want to observe to take ultimate Care of your velvet curtains.

Common recommendations to attend to Your Velvet Curtains

The usage of a Curtain String

It is a fantastic concept to apply your velvet carpet in Dubai with a curtain string for operating its commencing and ultimate mechanisms. Make sure now not to touch the curtains so frequently. Hand touch, not handiest, crushes the cloth; however, it additionally makes the curtain grimy. Using a specific string now not handiest saves the curtains from being soiled and crushed it also adds a sense of favor to the curtains at the same time as you close and open the curtains.

Keeping off Creases and particles

Undoubtedly, velvet is a specialized fabric, so you must deal with the curtains to avoid creasing and bruising. You can follow light steam at the back of your curtains. It allows for restoring the authentic texture and look of the material. But, if the curtains carry a dry-easy mark, make sure that you do now not wash them alongside everyday curtains.

Expert cleansing and Washing

While your velvet curtains require Washing and cleansing, make sure to present them to a specialist curtain purifier specialized in managing velvet curtains. In contrast to maximum fabrics, velvet curtains require particular interest, mainly when you need to clean old curtains. It is because of multiple layers of materials. It’s a high-quality idea to dry the velvet curtains quickly, at least once a year. It allows for retaining and growing durability and luster.

Everyday preservation

Velvet curtains and bedroom curtains Dubai require regular protection as they accumulate dust and handprints. Make sure to sweep your velvet curtains often in the course of piles. It maintains the feel of the curtains and removes unwanted dirt and handprints from the material’s surface. However, it is beneficial not to apply liquid detergents, as it does not remove the accrued dirt and particles from the curtains.

Carefully look at and wash the tough spots from the floor of the curtain. Instead of scrubbing your velvet curtains with everyday cleaning soap, clean them with lukewarm water and a pro cleaning agent. Professional curtain cleansing marketers successfully eliminate the resistant spots from the curtains.

Requires extra Care

Velvet is one of the high-priced fabrics that offers an elegant look in your interiors. Consequently, we propose you choose professional cleaning. However, cleaning at home makes you want to care more while cleansing and keeping your velvet curtains.


While storing your velvet curtains, ensure now not to fold them. Instead, it would help if you rolled the curtains. Folding the curtains causes creases and bruises, which deteriorates the appearance and experience of the curtains. For pleasant consequences, we advise folding the curtains in the same direction because of the pile Read also about: write for us



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