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How to Attach KULA to Your GATORSHELL Board With Cooler Kit

Whether you’re looking to add a KULA to your GATORSHELL Board, KULA bartool, or KULA cooler kit, this article has the answer. The instructions are simple and should help you enjoy your cooler without worry. Whether you’re looking for a stylish solution for your next party or are just looking to cool off in style, a KULA cooler is the perfect fit for your next event.

Food-Grade & Water-Resistant

The KULA is a cool bartool that attaches to the GATORSHELL board with a cooler kit. It has a stainless steel bottle opener and sticky rubber feet. It can hold 2.5 gallons of beverage. There are several color options available by BOTE Board Coupon. The GATORSHELL is made of roto-molded plastic that is food-grade and water-resistant.

KULA Cooler

The KULA cooler has been getting rave reviews since it was first introduced nine months ago. The KULA 2.5 was created to meet the high standards that its predecessors set. It is tough and lightweight, yet holds ice till the cows come home. Aside from being the perfect companion to any BOTE board, a KULA cooler will hold ice until the cows come home.

The KULA is available in 5 and 2.5 gallon sizes and features a built-in tap. The 2.5-gallon hardshell is capable of holding 2.5 gallons of beverages. The KULA gatorshell cooler kit is available in various colors and features roto-molded plastic construction. It is Gator Proof and food grade. Depending on the type of cooler you choose, you can buy a custom cooler to match your outdoor lifestyle.

KULA GatorBox Cooler Kit

You can find a KULA GatorBox Cooler Kit at Amazon or another online retailer. Both places have their advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that Amazon has a return policy and you can read reviews about the product. However, if you are a bit skeptic about Amazon’s return policy, you can choose to deal directly with KULA. You will be saving money, as well as the middleman, and still get a quality cooler with a great performance.

Large-Scale & Extensive Shopping Event

Black Friday is a large-scale and extensive shopping event. Most stores and brands have deep discount codes for this day. Using the codes from KULA will enable you to buy products for a much lower price. KULA Bags coupons are available at CouponUpto, which you can use to purchase items that you need without breaking the bank. There is also a President’s Day Sale, where you can save up to 45% on selected items.

A GATORSHELL board is a type of skateboard with advanced plastics used for its construction. These materials are normally strong and lightweight and haven’t traditionally been very aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, BOTE has taken these qualities and made them more appealing to riders by using a classic construction. Read on to find out more. We have tested the Breeze Gatorshell and HD Gatorshell models. Read our reviews of the HD Gatorshell to learn more about its benefits.

Standard Board

There are a few reasons to choose a GATORSHELL Board over a standard board. The Gatorshell is six times stronger than standard boards, and designed to handle heavy use. The boards weigh about 35 pounds per 10’6” and 40 pounds per 12”, but cost less than epoxy. They also look like epoxy. And if you’re on a budget, this is definitely the way to go.

Board Buoyant & Durable

The HD Gatorshell Paddle Board is an innovative SUP that has been designed with the needs of fishing enthusiasts and lake paddlers in mind. The design incorporates Gatorshell Technology, which makes the board buoyant and durable. The board comes in two sizes: 10’6″ (240 lb. capacity) and 12′ (315 lb. capacity). This SUP has a two-piece adjustable paddle. It is perfect for fishing expeditions or simply spending time on the water with family.

Breeze Gatorshell

If you’re looking for the perfect board for paddleboarding, look no further than the Breeze Gatorshell. This lightweight, durable paddleboard has a wide body profile and patented Gatorshell construction for unparalleled stability. Choose your favorite style or get both, and you’ll be on your way to cruising the water. The Breeze Gatorshell Board is available in two popular designs. Classic Teak features faux wood inlays that span the entire deck, and signature seafoam accents.

HD Gatorshell Fishing Board

The HD Gatorshell is one of BOTE’s most popular SUP paddleboard shapes. This versatile paddleboard is perfect for fishing, touring, and fitness. This board weighs less than an inflatable paddleboard, but it still has a strong hull and deck pad that resists impact. It is available in two sizes – ten-foot and twelve-foot. The Gatorshell is also compatible with a variety of paddle types, including kayaks, canoes, and inflatable stand-up paddleboards.


This lightweight, high-quality HD Gatorshell paddle-surfing SUP is made of an advanced plastic that is more buoyant than conventional epoxy. It is ideal for family paddle-surfing, fishing expeditions, and leisurely lake paddles. It also features a leash attachment point in the tail and slots for optional side fins. It is lightweight and durable, which makes it easy to carry from one place to the next.



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