The traditional title system is being eliminated. Technology and changing times are changing the old testing process. The traditional title system involved a lot of logistics, maintenance, staffing, and management. The Legacy inspection process is time consuming, high pressure and logistical, and labor intensive. Technology has changed everything. A web-based school management software stands out as an advanced tool that simplifies the auditing process with its flawless design and implementation. The online test system is also very profitable.

Let’s see how an online exam management system can increase your profitability.

Main Cost Elements of Traditional Inspection

The traditional title system is based on high cost factors. Here are some costly factors:

The old title system included an expanded workforce. Administrators administer the exam, instructors determine and schedule exams, moderators evaluate the exam process, proctors proctor, and teachers record answer forms. The old ratings system employed workers at all levels. There were a number of people assigned to certain roles. The vertical hierarchy is associated with high costs.


Logistics is an integral part of all operations. The traditional diploma system requires significant logistics, which increases costs. The most important thing here is the table layout and seating order. The location of the experience is a very important factor. Installation with infrastructure incurs additional costs. Website maintenance increases costs. There will also be inconvenience and cost for participants to travel to the test site. Also, the cost of shipping exam questions and answers is another costly factor.

Printing and paper costs;

Regarding the last point in the cost factor above, test questionnaires and response forms incur huge paper and printing costs. A large number of participants print and distribute a large number of newspapers. Printing costs include room and name cards, as well as participant name cards. Registration and approval forms also add to high printing and paper costs.

How can an online exam management system increase your earnings?

The online exam administration system is an innovative solution that not only speeds up the exam process and expands operations, but also maximises cost savings.

An ERP solution for a school effectively reduces administration, printing, installation and communication costs. The ERP solution streamlines school operations and focuses on global education and success. It provides practical, automated and efficient solutions to various school management challenges. The ERP solution provides a positive return on investment not only for the school but also for teachers, parents and students.

Automated process;

The feature of the online exam management system is its automated process. The automation feature synchronises various functions to ensure smooth and fast operation. The great advantage of an automated process is that it reduces the need for manpower. The traditional exam system requires 3-6 people to prepare and schedule exams, pass, supervise the exam and pass grades. On the other hand, an online testing system only needs one or two to manage the entire testing process. The automated feature allows a person to define, schedule, prescribe, edit and review exam questions and answers.

In web-based format;

The traditional testing system required a lot of expensive logistics. The online test management system includes easy and inexpensive logistics. As a web-based application, the web testing system may only include a one-time fee. With no infrastructure, IT, setup and maintenance costs, an online exam management system is a huge savings. A desktop or laptop computer and internet access are other costs. Participants can register and take the exam from the comfort of their own home or any other convenient location.

No paper and printing costs;

Consistent with the above savings factor, the online management system eliminates these costs due to its dense web-based nature, unlike the traditional test management system which incurs high printing and paper costs. Quizzes can be easily taken online in minutes. They can also be edited and assigned to candidates. Candidates answer questions in the online document and present their answers. The automated feature helps evaluate responses and generates online results. Passports and identity cards are created on the computer and applications are made online. Application forms are also available online and can be filled and submitted without printing. The whole process saves total paper and printing cost.

The online test school management system reinforces the delicate balance between economy and efficiency with its features. It marks a revolutionary change in the way experiments are conducted. Because cost-effective factors are at the forefront of sales, an online exam management system saves time and effort in providing a qualified and advanced exam system.

How can an online exam management system increase your sales?

The online exam management system is an innovative solution that not only speeds up the exam process and improves functionality, but also maximises cost savings.



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