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How the Ferrari Roma will soon be smoother with a spoiled V12 engine

Ferrari is set to introduce a new Roma for 2023, with a V12 engine, to replace the 812 Superfast that really lives La Dolce Vita – Sweet Life.

Without a doubt, Ferrari is one of the biggest names in the supercar world. The Italian brand is of course famous for its Enzo, F40, 250 GTO and modern icons like the recent LaFerrari and SF90 Stradale. The company is currently producing some pretty epic machines, such as the 296 GTB as well as the SF90 VS.

Another machine we’ve all been looking forward to is the new Ferrari Roma. Roma is a new car that has only appeared since 2020, but it has become one of the key elements of the current Ferrari lineup. Powered by a twin-turbo V8, the Roma is of course based on the Portofino and sits between that car and the Ferrari F8 Tributo from the Ferrari line. 

Ferrari recently tested the new and upcoming version of the Roma, spotted by our spy supercar friend Varryx, in Maranello. However, his videos and photos not only show what the new Roma will look like, albeit camouflaged, but also hint at a surprise.

The pitch of the engine clearly shows that it is the V12, not the twin-turbo V8 that has been fitted to the Roma since its inception. The rumble of the V12 engine under the Roma’s bonnet was first hinted at a few months ago, when previous sightings of the car in testing showed it to have a much more prominent front end. This led to speculation that the somewhat dated 812 Superfast will in fact be replaced by a new V12 version of the Roma. This is further confirmed in the latest video showing Roma on track, after Varryx was able to track the car on the road the first time he approached the car.

Will the new Roma have hybrid elements? We cannot be certain that this new Ferrari will be a hybrid. Ferrari has of course produced cars with hybrid electric systems, check out the SF90 Stradale and LaFerrari. But these test videos haven’t given us the clearest indication yet of what’s going on with Roma. However, we are somewhat confident that this new Roma will have a hybrid element inside in one way or another.

Some of this speculation stems from a Euro 7 proposal that aims to reduce emissions generated by vehicles. It’s also about phasing out the internal combustion engine by 2035. Emissions restrictions are in place in Europe even tighter than recently, so Ferrari will most likely make the V12 Roma a hybrid, starting with compliance with new emissions regulations. The Euro 7 regulations apply a year after the launch of the new Roma model, so there would have to be some form of justification to introduce another V12 car when most other manufacturers are doing it. 

Another great Ferrari machine

Either way under the hood of the Roma, the new car is sure to have its share. The camouflage wrap gives us a limited view of its appearance. But the elongated front end is very eye-catching, seemingly retaining the rather slender grille that many modern cars lack. Look at you BMW. The Roma was never a bad car in its original form, and it looks like this new V12 will only build on that appearance. 

Ferrari is preparing for another extremely impressive supercar

You really can’t argue with any recent Ferrari releases. The 296 GTB is a retro version featuring iconic racing car styling brought into the modern era. The new Purosangue is one of the cleanest, if not cleanest, and certainly most impressive super SUVs to date. Replacing the 812 Superfast with a V12 Roma engine seems like the perfect recipe and one that Ferrari fans are sure to swallow. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before learning the full operation of this latest machine.



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