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How Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore is Beneficial for Students

Home tutoring with secondary maths tuition in Singapore is greatly beneficial for all secondary students, understandably, because Singapore’s high standard of education is often quite challenging for most students pursuing education up to the university level. One of these challenges – and often a stumbling block – is facing secondary maths at the secondary level.

Private home tuition has become all the more important today for students of all ages because of the changes to the objectives of the education system. Even up to the start of the 21st Century, the main objectives of getting an education were simply to acquire knowledge in a field of interest, become an expert in this field, and automatically be respected in this field. But today, these objectives are more multiple and complicated:

  • Acquiring knowledge.
  • Gaining a competitive edge.
  • Getting high or good grades.
  • All around development.
  • Career selection.
  • Preparation for entrance, intelligence, and eligibility testing exams.

These new collective objectives keep hovering over secondary students (because of the nearness of getting into junior college) as well as parents who are all constantly under pressure to push to perform with excellence. As this situation is repeated over and over in almost every family in Singapore, maths home tutoring becomes a real blessing. Take a look at two specific benefits of maths tuition in Singapore:

Understanding key concepts

It’s one thing to just memorise formulae and concepts, it’s another to truly understand key concepts applicable for analysis in maths, including basic differentiations and even cycles of formulae. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Exams in Singapore will always test students’ abilities to answer maths questions under time-controlled settings. Memorising AND understanding key maths concepts will give any student a good chance of doing well, and being able to answer questions with ease and with no hesitations. Understanding always proves better as students will have less trouble memorising when they understand the topic.

Answering what questions require

Not being able to understand question requirements will cost any student greatly. A student not correctly answering questions according to what is needed and also solving problems using irrelevant formulae or methods is facing low scores and a low grade. Proper analysis of questions will determine between a student just passing or getting a distinction. Junior college exams carry plenty of trick questions.

So, this is why it is important to engage in private home maths tutoring to maximise the two benefits above.

Secondary maths tuition in Singapore at home guarantees a distinction

Qualified and experienced tutors know how to adjust to their student’s strengths and weaknesses. They guide their students to understand key concepts and problems by simplifying them for the student. These tutors can also teach you the identification of concepts and techniques that they previously used as well as effective studying techniques for better learning.

Math tutors can help their students by using constant drill questions. The tutors will have their students do these types of questions over and over again, drilling the essential concepts into their minds, ensuring that they remember them. In comparison, a student studying alone will answer a question only once when they get it right and probably won’t go back to it again.

Other benefits of maths tuition in Singapore –

Tutoring in the comfort of a home

Maths home tutoring means teaching in the comfort of your home. It reduces the time and money wasted in going to tutoring centres in tutoring classes along with 5 – 10 other students. It allows learning at the student’s own pace in a safe, conducive, and study-friendly environment.

Focused approach

The tutor and the student can focus on specific or special topics, problems, and concepts that are difficult for the student.

One-to-one tutoring with the student’s learning pace

The tutors give their full attention to the student and vice versa. This focused attention means that the tutor knows some topics are hard for the student so adequate time is given to help the student understand better. There is mutual coordination because the basic premise is to go at the student’s learning pace, no matter how slow or fast it is.

Get only the best home math tuition in Singapore

Both parents and students can get the best secondary maths tuition in Singapore when they call or get in touch with FamilyTutor in the convenience of your home. FamilyTutor provides the best math home tuition across Singapore. Learn more by calling us today, through WhatsApp, or visit our website.



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