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How Much Does SMP Cost In Australia?

Have you spent a considerable amount of time investigating Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as an alternative to traditional methods of dealing with hair loss? It’s difficult to make such a definitive choice, and we completely understand your hesitation. We know that the way you present yourself to the world depends heavily on your hair and that any choices you make about your hair should be treated with the highest seriousness.

Among the many factors to consider, the price of scalp micropigmentation undoubtedly ranks amongst the highest. Like the cost of most cosmetic treatments, it is difficult to provide an estimate without first meeting with the patient in person. Let’s go over the variables that can increase or decrease the price of your SMP operation.

What Factors Affect the Cost of SMP Hair Tattoo?

While each and every customer is different, the three major parameters that are considered to determine the cost of your bespoke SMP hair tattoo process are:

  • Hair Loss Pattern

This is determined by the needed coverage area for the scalp. If you’re just starting to lose your hair, the treatment cost will be lower than if we have to cover a bigger region. Another factor to be considered is scars. Due to the fact that hair does not naturally grow over damaged tissue, your procedure may necessitate extra time and care to achieve a smooth transition from your scar to your hair tattoo.

Are there recurring costs?

As a rule of thumb, two to four sessions are needed for optimal results with SMP and to get the desired look. Our recommendation is that you wait 10–14 days between sessions to give your scalp time to heal and the pigment to settle.

The first two appointments are spent on laying down a solid foundation of hair tattoo density, and the final session is spent on feathering and defining the design. Rest confident that during your initial free consultation, your artist will be up-front regarding the possibility of a fourth appointment and the associated charges.

We will be happy to welcome you back to our Foli Sim studios if, years after getting your SMP hair tattoo, you find that you need extra touch-ups to revitalize the pigment that has faded. In addition, your final SMP treatment comes with a 12-month quality warranty, during which any necessary touch-ups are provided at no additional cost.

Now is the time to begin your Scalp Micropigmentation experience

When considering the benefits and drawbacks of SMP hair tattoo, it’s important to remember that it’s not only hair tattooing. SMP is a low-maintenance, instant, and medication-free investment in your confidence and looks over the long term.

Contact Foli Sim today for a tailored price to start your hair loss treatment journey. Simply submit the online consultation form, and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at any of our studios in Perth, Sydney, or Melbourne, please phone 1300 668 490. You will not be disappointed. 



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