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Catm Physical Characteristics and Health

Colorpoint Shorthairs are first cousins from siamese. Siamese and stand out by their 16 distinct “point” colors beyond the four Siamese colors. They are rarely quiet, but they enjoy having fun and entertaining.

Physical Characteristics

The Colorpoint appears so much like the Siamese that they could be considered to be twins.  How Long Do Birds It’s elegant, medium-sized physique with wide, narrow lines and strong muscles. The eyes are almond-shaped with slim legs, as well as the tail is tapering. In contrast to the Siamese it is available in a variety of shades, such as red, tortoiseshell and cream as well as the combination of these.

Personality and Temperament

It’s never dull when you have a Colorpoint Shorthair in the vicinity. Similar to its sibling, the Siamese the Colorpoint is an extrovert from birth, having fun with friends, chatting continuously, and showering its owners with affection. It Colorpoint is also extremely responsive to emotions. If someone is in tears when watching a sad film, this cat will seek to soothe them.

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Although generally healthy However, this breed is prone to certain ailments including an extrusion from the cranial sternum as well as endocardial fibroelastosis..

History and Background

Colorpoint is often mistaken for the more well-known Siamese. Some even believe Colorpoint Shorthair is nothing more than a Siamese hybrid.

Its beginnings were in the 1940s, as cat breeders put in an effort to develop one cat that would have the traits of the Siamese however, it could be available in a range of colors, other than the four traditional colors. Can Dogs Have Avocados

To accomplish their goals

Breeders made foundation crosses among their Siamese, Abyssinian and Red domestic Shorthair (the American Shorthair was also utilized). After many years of struggle, and numerous successes The breeding program was successful. The breed was recrossed to the Siamese to preserve its appearance and character.

In order to quell the ire of Siamese breeders and cat enthusiasts have finally decided to give this cat a brand new name: The Colorpoint Shorthair. The Colorpoint Shorthair breed is now able to carry limited non-Siamese genes as several generations have passed however, technically it’s an embryonic hybrid.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association awarded the breed Championship status in 1964. Nowadays, all major associations have complied with the same rules although most utilize their own Siamese standard to distinguish shorthairs with Colorpoint.



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