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How can we Improve the quality of life for seniors in our Community?

As our population ages, the need to look after our senior citizens has become more important. Senior citizens deserve to live their retirement life with dignity, comfort, and a great ease. When it comes to improving the quality of life for seniors we need a holistic approach. 

Senior citizens do not only need assistance physically in daily activities but also have emotional and social needs. Ageing doesn’t mean they have to cut off from the world.  Here are a few ways we can improve the quality of life for our elders in our community. 

Support Physical Health 

As a person ages, the nutritional needs also change. Elders need a balanced meal that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, fish, dairy, etc to get the energy to fulfil the daily tasks. In addition, senior citizens need to take multivitamin supplements to nourish their body with all the required nutrients. 

Also, to support physical health, they should be encouraged to exercise daily such as walking, yoga, or light exercises to keep them moving. Exercising will help them to not only feel good about themselves but also keep them healthy. 

Encourage Social Engagement 

It is important to encourage senior citizens to engage in social activities to stay connected to the outside world. In retirement life, elders often try to cut themselves from the outside world and feel alone. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression in them. It is essential that they go out often and socialize with their friends and family members to not feel left out. 

If you happen to have elders at home, make sure they engage themselves socially. For instance, they can join clubs and attend events of their choice to remain socially active while keeping their interests alive. 

Ensure Proper Healthcare

With ageing, health deteriorates. It is therefore important to ensure regular medical check ups, vaccinations, medicine management and medical tests to track any health issues timely. Regular healthcare can prevent serious health problems by timely treatment. 

In addition, elders can have home health care if they don’t feel comfortable going out for check ups. Home health care provides customized care for each individual according to their needs. The required care and attention helps seniors to improve the quality of life they are living. 

Create a Safe Home Environment 

If you have elders at home, make sure to make your home a safe space for them to live in. Everything in your home should be placed by keeping in mind the risk of fall for elders and providing ease of access to them. Having a safe home environment helps them stay more active and functional in their daily routine. 

In addition, having a safe space can help them to not feel left out. Moreover, do the necessary modifications in your home according to the needs of the elders. For instance, ensure there are non-slip surfaces to prevent risk of fall. Similarly, improve lighting and install grab bars where needed. 



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