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How do Internet service providers increase the speed?

Once the users get hooked to blazing-fast CenturyLink internet speeds, there is nothing else that competes. With the fast internet becoming essential for our everyday lives, it is the one thing that users do not compromise on. Therefore, people opt for the services providers offering higher and reliable speeds at affordable rates.

Sometimes, we get plans with lesser speeds at first and later we realize that they are not being sufficient and decide to upgrade the plan. It makes you think that how the internet services providers can increase the speed of your internet just like that. In this article, we will answer your question.

Know the Internet Speeds

Before we get into unveiling how the internet services providers increase the speed, first you need to know which package or speed plan you need to subscribe to when you are getting your connection. Believe us it will save you a lot of hassle of changing your plans later on.

Refer to the guide below to find out your internet speed requirements.

Internet Speed Number of Users Category Activities & Usage

5 – 25 Mbps

1 – 2


Music Streaming, Emails, Web Browsing, SD Videos, Social Media

25 – 50 Mbps

1 – 3


HD and 4K videos, music streaming, work from home, gaming

50 – 100 Mbps

2 – 4


4K Video, Home security devices, work from home, gaming

100 – 500 Mbps

2 – 5

Very Fast

4K Video streaming, gaming, home office, smart home devices, and home security.

500 – 1000 Mbps

3 – 5 +


Home security, gaming, 4k streaming, home office, and smart home devices.

Once you evaluate your usage and requirement, you are all set to choose the right plan for yourself.

Why Does Internet Speed Matter?

The amount of information and data that may be carried over the internet through a single connection at given time is referred to as internet speed. This is significant for customers since your internet speed affects the activities you may do online, along with the number of devices you connect at a time. Knowing how your family and you consume the internet at home helps you figure out the internet speeds you require from your service provider.

If the internet connection you have is slow, you may have difficulty doing things like playing video games, streaming videos, or uploading files. You might also be overpaying for your internet services if it is excessively fast. Therefore you must know about your internet usage.

How do Internet Services Providers Increase the Speed?

If you were unable to choose the right internet plan for yourself earlier, or maybe just your usage has changed and how you want your internet speed to be increased, you need to get in touch with your internet services provider and inform them about your request. Once your request is processed, your internet speeds will be increased and you might be wondering how they do that. Well, it’s simple. The modem settings are configured.

Configured Modem Settings

An Internet service provider’s modem is set up to connect to the Internet at a specific speed. It is typically configured to download and upload at your selected internet plan. These settings can be entered into the modem ahead of time or obtained directly from your ISP’s servers when you connect for the first time. When you choose packages that provide more bandwidth and quicker connection speeds, your ISP increases the modem speed configurations. While uncapping your modem’s connection speeds is technically conceivable, doing so will be noticed by your service provider and is a serious offense.


Being subscribed to an internet services provider that offers reliable and high-speed internet is everyone’s need today. However, when you are choosing your plan, it is crucial to know about your requirements so that you can choose the right plan from the start. Even though it is a very easy process to have your bandwidth increased, it will only save you from many hassles.



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