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How do I play FPS on PS4 controller?

Wondering what is the best driver for the PS4? It so happened that Sony did it themselves. The classic controller that comes with the console is almost as round as it gets. The balance of quality, price, and perfect compatibility of games for the PlayStation is enough to win. However, this does not mean that there are no other drivers that can prove or stand out to you as a better choice in certain games. You will find racing bikes that will give you a much better driving experience, and the same is true for combat sticks in many fighting games. The experience can be enhanced by some unique driver shapes that can be held more comfortably in your hand and provide you with long-lasting comfort that a standard driver cannot offer.

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Best Ps4 Controller for Fps

And as you look forward to the PlayStation 5, you can rest assured knowing that the current PS4 drivers will run on the new console. However, Sony has confirmed that they can only use PlayStation 4 games, so you will need new drivers to play PlayStation 5 games. As such, most PlayStation 4 drivers also offer many options for playing computer games – a good investment. Keep in mind that most manufacturers now rely on PS5 drivers, so if you like these options, be sure to get them before they get lost. The drivers below are the best you can get for the PS4.

Sony DualShock 4

Sony may have allowed Microsoft to run a driver design contest for a while, but when it introduced DualShock 4, it had a winner. DualShock 4 moves the driver design forward in a way Sony has never done before with PS2 or PS3 drivers. While DualShock 4 can now be replaced with the DualSense driver for the PS5, that doesn’t mean its old solid isn’t in place. If you’re still playing on the PS4 or playing backward-compatible games on the PS5, there’s the DualShock 4 driver.

Thick, round handles offer a comfortable grip even with large hands. The DualShock 4 trigger has a large area on the face and offers enough resistance without hurting your fingers. Thanks to the vibrating feedback, you can feel all the intense action in your game. Even better, thanks to Bluetooth support, DualShock 4 also works as a phone driver without the need for additional accessories.

Nacon Revolution Pro 3

Sony makes great drivers for its platforms, but it’s not the only company that does. Nacon has a solid reputation for producing quality drivers, and this is fully seen with the Nacon Revolution Pro 3. This driver is at home in the hands of gamers, and if you’re a fan of Xbox drivers, they have similar offset analog levers.

Nacon Revolution Pro 3 runs on a cable connection but uses USB-C, so you don’t have to look for an old and fragile micro USB cable to be reliable. In addition, you get the reduction in input latency that a cable connection offers. The controller has optional weights that fit in their handles, giving you the feeling you want, and even an RGB LED ring around the right joystick for stylish taste. The name “Pro” really comes to the back buttons on the handles, which give you shortcuts that you don’t have to take off from the analog levers.



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