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How Can Online Webinars Be Made More Engaging And Lively?

Life has become much easier since the advent of technologies such as the internet. One can easily connect with people around the globe. It has become quite convenient to deliver information from one part of the world to another. All they need is a computing device and an internet connection to host classes, conduct webinars and deliver information in real-time.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a rise in the number of webinars hosted, because every field, be it education or business switched to online mode for delivering information. A webinar turns out to be more interactive and cost-effective. The cost of the venue, traveling, catering, etc can be cut off. This is because people can join a webinar over the internet. So, interested candidates can now join the webinars of their choice. Also, students can save money by switching to webinars rather than attending seminars and classes provided by a college. So, it becomes quite essential for the webinars to be more engaging and lively.

To conduct a webinar, there are a lot of webinar hosting solutions available over the internet where operations like arranging a webinar, participating in it, and the required necessities can be fulfilled. The webinar platforms for online meetings also make sure that all the functionalities work efficiently. Here are some benefits of using a platform for conducting webinars.

1.Better Interaction

Some people often tend to hesitate while asking questions in seminars or office rooms. A webinar being hosted online provides interactive functionalities which turn out to be helpful for those people who are shy. Users can overcome their shyness and even introverts can communicate effectively.

2.Providing flexibility

A webinar when conducted over a platform gives attendees the flexibility to attend it from anywhere. They don’t need to travel over places to attend it. Everything is available on the web and users can seamlessly attend the meetings.

3.Supported with convenient features

The webinar platform for online meetings provides features like recording the sessions. A webinar platform with recording capabilities allows the content to be accessible after the event too. If a participant misses any portion, he/she can go through the recordings available. Features like asking a question, raising a doubt, and initiating a poll make the sessions more interactive. A hassle-free webinar software, like Mixhubb, offers a seamless experience for the users and ensures problem-free event registration. Some platforms offer multiple-device support and allow a significant number of attendees in the meeting.

4.An excellent way to grow the network

One of the key highlights of a webinar is networking. A well-equipped platform provides the users with features like 1 to 1 multiformat communication, exchanging business cards, and more. A webinar platform allows users to reach a wider audience and industry experts. Using these networking functionalities, users can expand their connections all over the world.

5.Event Analytics

Webinar platforms provide insights at the end of the meeting. These insights give the host a report of the webinar’s success. These insights could help the host with the scope of improvement and what they did well.

Webinars are utilized by a variety of professionals, from educators to brand managers. To deliver their content, choose webinar hosting solutions that are efficient enough to manage a large number of users. As the platforms are used by a variety of users, they come up with an easy-to-use user interface. The platforms take care of the fact that user experience becomes uncomplicated and users can mainly focus on their content instead of worrying about the seamless running of the platform’s functionalities. All these factors play an important role passively to make a webinar more engaging and livelier.

It often happens that the host is unable to figure out whether the participants are attentive. Here are some solutions to make the webinars more engaging.

1.Putting an ice-breaker poll

Commence the webinar by acknowledging and appreciating the participants. Start an icebreaker survey before moving on to the main segment to pique the audience’s attention.

The host may, for instance, conduct a poll to determine how many guests have joined from India. Talk a bit more about the local culture. This would not only help in bridging the gap between different users but also would make use of the time while latecomers join in.

2.Letting the audience decide what they want to learn

Make the webinar more productive by letting the participants choose what they wish to learn about. This could be accomplished by conducting a poll with many options. The host could direct the content toward the choice that received the most votes. This method would make it possible to more precisely customize the content to the audience’s needs, enhancing the benefit they derive from participating in the webinar.

3.Ask questions in-between

After each bigger chunk of content is delivered, engage the audience by giving them some kind of test or pop quiz. But remember to make the quiz optional for attendees to answer. This would test the audience’s understanding of the topic, thus letting the host know if he/she should move on to the next topic.

4.Pave the way for Q&A

Engage the audience in a Q&A session after each topic. Display the questions on the screen and ask them to hand over any additional questions. Begin with the question that received the most votes and work your way down to the question that received the fewest votes. Read out each question so that the audience knows which one you are answering.


Nowadays, there are several options available online. So, picking the right platform for running webinars becomes crucial. The platform to be used will influence the kind of webinar the host plans to conduct. More specifically, the webinar software might set a cap on the number of attendees. It is essential to confirm that the platform can support the estimated viewership. A fully-managed webinar platform provides organizers with a plethora of interactive features that not only facilitate healthy learning but also networking. As one of the best marketing strategies, the world is hosting immersive webinars to reach its target audience. As a result, there is an increase in expectations in terms of the features that webinar hosting solutions can provide for improved interactivity.



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