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How can NDIS Support Coordinators in Dandenong help you achieve your NDIS goals?

The NDIS Support Coordinators can assist people with a disability to lead a more comfortable and more independent life.

Whether a person is looking for assistance around the house or creating independence, the NDIS’s friendly team is willing to provide support and services to the people with disability every step of the way.

Benefits of innovative community participation and support coordination

  • Innovative Community Participation service supports NDIS participants in creating skills to participate in their community energetically.
  • Engagement Practitioners who help the NDIS participants develop their possibilities for community participation and employment.
  • Community Engagement Practitioners assume a capacity-building, community-based process by working with participants in their local community to improve the likelihood of uptake and profitable growth away from informal support.

Community Engagement Practitioners focus on stability, wellbeing, and individual growth to successfully link to the community; however, personal assistance is tailored to best suit the participant, their life goals, and to let them get the most out of the support and service. As applicable, participants who access this support can get support working on:

  • community engagement, social assistance, and associations in supporting individual wellbeing
  • Self-awareness and self-care
  • Achieving awareness of personal interests, skillsets, and passions and connecting these to employment routes
  • Inspirational awareness and self-regulation
  • Adaptive social competency containing an expanded understanding of social norms and anticipations
  • Their connection with their disability, confidence, independence, and self-worth
  • Navigating strategies and support to participate in their community and employment successfully.
  • Capacity building for desiring help in the community context without ongoing standardised permission and services.

Personalised Support Services is a registered NDIS provider and delivers exceptionals support and service to NDIS participants.

What services do we get from NDIS household tasks?

The household tasks rely on the type of disability one has; how difficult people find it to manage daily tasks and complete activities around their homes. If a person’s disability is stopping them from doing these tasks and activities, the NDIS support plan will likely contain services for Household Tasks.

The NDIS coordination supports people with disability in a variety of tasks such as:

  • vacuuming and mopping floors
  • dusting and wiping surfaces
  • kitchen cleaning, including sinks, taps, benches, microwaves
  • bathrooms, including toilets, showers, and baths

The NDIS services are not limited to those inside the house but also exercises such as:

  • gardening,
  • backyard cleaning,
  • grocery shopping,
  • garbage disposal,
  • and other permissible household tasks under the individual’s support plan.

Benefits of the NDIS Group

Group activity supports are essential to the NDIS fulfilling its goal to support people with a disability to gain independence. Group activities are part of daily life. These are exercises everybody does for enjoyment and can assist with their health and wellbeing. People with disabilities can also allow people to meet new individuals and enhance their skills. When we talk about support for group activities funded under the NDIS, we mean the additional assistance people require to participate in these activities because of their disability.

Group activities can have things like:

  • visiting your friends and family
  • active hobbies, such as bike riding, skiing, or kayaking
  • playing a sport, such as a tennis, surfing, or basketball
  • going out, for instance, to the movies or a concert
  • going places for fun, such as shopping or visiting a museum
  • relaxing, like meditation or yoga
  • learning new skills, like dance, art classes, or quilting.

People with disabilities will be required to pay for the expenses of the activity that everyone would incur, such as membership or access costs. The NDIS may then be capable of finding the support and service that people require to participate in the activity because of their disability. People with disabilities may require short-term support coordination to assist people in getting started with their group activity. This short-term NDIS support may build skills to participate independently in social activities.

NDIS Support Coordination in Dandenong is necessary for people with a disability. They can get assistance to make their work easier and become more independent. Our PSS (Personalised S       upport Services) aims to aid people with a disability. Let’s overcome your disability together and visit our website.



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