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How can massage cure insomnia symptoms?

Adequate sleep is important for the health of a human. Good sleep without disruption will play a very important role in recovering the body’s energies. As we age, our sleep habits and pattern varies slightly. Insomnia becomes very common with growing age. It is a sleep disorder due to some reasons.

The center for disease control (CDC) threw light on the causes of sleeplessness. The sleep pattern disturbs due to various reasons such as diabetes, obesity, and depression. These lying causes have a harmful impact on your sleep.

Sleep statistics indicate that 30% of adults suffer from short-term sleep disorders, while 10% have the problem of chronic insomnia. Moreover, almost 50% of pregnant women have insomnia issues. Around 40% of people with insomnia suffer from mental health issues. Massage can leave healing impacts on the disturbing patterns of sleep.

This blog will help you understand the importance of massage to deal with insomnia.

Take a massage to get over insomnia.

Are you spending your nights tossing and turning? Have you tried massage therapy to get over this issue of insomnia? Massage therapy can heal the causes of insomnia in the human body. It is a manual medicine that stimulates many body systems, such as the nervous system, which is important to create a chemical exchange in the brain and assist sleep. Stress hormones keep telling the body it’s time to wake up. Thus, massage helps release the stress hormones that keep disturbing sleep. Let’s further find out how massage can improve your sleep.

1.   Reduce anxiety and stress

2.   Treat pain and soreness of muscles

3.   Tiredness of body

4.   Perimenopause

●     Treat pain and soreness of muscles.

Studies show that better sleep reduces chronic pain among people living with chronic pain since massage reduces inflammation and relieves muscle tension. The body’s pain and tension are also reduced when you take a relaxation massage. During the massage, circulation is increased, toxins are flushed from the muscles, and the body’s natural ability to heal is enhanced. Massage treated the soreness of muscles and relaxed the sore muscles.

Moreover, massage relaxes the nervous system of the body and has a relaxing impact on your sore muscles.

●     Reduce anxiety and stress

Another major cause of insomnia is depression, anxiety, and stress. Massage is a very effective treatment to cope the depression and anxiety.

You can further depress your mood if you suffer from depression and have poor sleep quality. Depression can be treated non-pharmacologically with a massage. As a natural anti-depressant, serotonin and dopamine are both released during a massage, which can help you sleep better during the depression.

●     Tiredness of body

A body gets tired earlier when it has a lower quality of sleep. When your energy level is down, you feel tiredness in your body, which can further prevent sound sleep. When you have no proper sleep, your body will stay tired for the whole day. Therefore, massage will wipe off all the tiredness of the body just in one application.

Massage is an all-natural energy booster that activates your mood and gives you the energy you need to take on the day. Massage stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems speeds up the delivery of nutrients that provide energy.

Moreover, massage will help you treat headaches; if you are caffeine-dependent, you are well aware of headaches.

●     Perimenopause

According to the reports, around 61% of menopausal women have bouts of insomnia. Massage is the best practice to overcome the chances of Perimenopause. Its symptoms are enough to keep a human restless and awakened, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and anxiety.

What type of massage is better for overcoming insomnia?

Massage is an ancient practice that has been practiced for an extended period of time. There are a lot of massage types like Swedish massage, Sports massage, full body massage etc that help you overcome different challenges to the health of the body. Some of the most common massage types are listed below.

  • Swedish massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Sports massage

Swedish massage can be the best to treat insomnia. It is a full-body massage with a gentle application technique. To treat insomnia, a body requires gentle and soft massage, such as Swedish massage. Other massage types follow techniques that target specific conditions, such as sports massage for athletes. Trigger point massage is for treating an injury.

Sleep well tonight

Meridian spa offers a range of massages for many reasons. Our massage service will improve your sleep quality. When you sleep better, you will have a healthy mind and body. It is important to give your body the rest it needs to reap all the amazing health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Therefore, get your relaxing massage session easily from our spa. Getting a good night’s sleep may be as easy as getting a massage.



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