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How Are Vape Pens Better Than Cigarettes?

Everyone knows that smoking Cigarettes can be dangerous, and for valid reasons! For instance, In the UK, smoking is the single most common cause of mortality and one of the most destructive habits a person can cultivate. There is no doubt that the vast majority of smokers would wish to give up their habit permanently if it were possible. 

Vaping or e-cigarettes, as they’re commonly called, can be an effective way to quit smoking without harming your health, which many people are unaware of. Vaping is frequently referred to like 95% safer than smoking. As some question, is this amount based on strong scientific evidence or is it just a random number?  

This article this and more.  

Where Vapes Get Their Safer Rating 

The Tobacco Advisory Committee of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom and Public Health England, the English government’s public health agency, has conducted extensive and independent reviews of the scientific evidence. These reviews form the basis for this estimate, showing you are better with the best when you order thc vape pen canada suppliers have to offer.  

The Public Health England (PHE) in 2015 and again in its second evaluation of the evidence in 2018 came to the same result as the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in 2016.   

According to the leading scientific body in the United States, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine concluded that electronic cigarettes are “far less harmful” than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Still, they did not specify a percentage difference between the two types of products.  

This might be 30%, 60%, or even 95% less dangerous than what you were doing before. The percentage of 95 percent helps to communicate an accurate degree of relative danger.  

Factors That Determine The 95% Figure 

Almost all of the bad things that come from smoking are caused by the tar, CO, and thousands of other toxins made when tobacco burns. Vaping products heat a liquid until it becomes an aerosol without burning it. So it seems pretty clear that vaping will have a lot less risk than smoking.   

First of all, vapor has none of the cigarette’s harmful chemicals. Those there are in much smaller amounts, mostly less than 1% of what they are in smoke. There won’t be as many toxins in smoke if there aren’t as many health risks. Second, when smokers switch to vaping, toxins and carcinogens in their bodies called “biomarkers” are much lower, and for many toxins, they are the same as for a nonsmoker.  

After 15 years of vaping nicotine, no one has died, and there have been no significant health problems. Third, when smokers switch to vaping, their health gets much better. Heart attacks and strokes are less likely to happen, blood pressure goes down, asthma and emphysema get better, and people feel better.   

Fourth, the risk of getting cancer is estimated to be about 1% of the chance of getting cancer from smoking. Based on these facts, the 95 percent safer number is correct.  

Concerning Long-term Risks of Vapes vs. Cigarettes 

As with all new products, we will not know the exact long-term risks of vaping for another 20 to 30 years. Additional risks will likely develop over time, and we must continue to monitor vaping for the emergence of new adverse effects.  

However, based on our knowledge of vapor molecules and biomarkers, the impact is likely to be substantially lower than that of smoking, killing two out of three long-term users.   

Benefits of Vape Pens Over Cigarettes 

More Pocket-friendly 

The average annual cost of smoking 20 cigarettes per day is £3000. In 2015, the average smoker in the United Kingdom smoked 11,3 cigarettes per day; therefore, it is reasonable to estimate that the average smoker spends approximately £1,700 a year on cigarettes.  

Facilitates The Quitting of Smoking 

As previously said, e-cigarettes are highly efficient at assisting smokers in reducing their smoking or quitting for good. More than half of smokers in the UK said they wanted to stop, and most people who use e-cigarettes do so to help them cut down on or quit smoking tobacco, according to the most recent data on smoking habits in the UK from the ONS.  

Offer a Lot More Flavor Varieties 

Fewer options are now available to smokers due to the upcoming ban on flavored tobacco products in the EU, which is scheduled to take effect in May 2020. In contrast, there is no limit to the flavors that can be added to e-liquid, which improves the experience. 

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The final truth is that vaping does not come without any risks, and if you do not smoke, you should not even bother trying it out. If you are a smoker who cannot quit, switching to vaping will significantly lower your risk of dying from health complications.  



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