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Honda CR-V 2023 gets $750 discount for loyal customers

Honda has extended loyalty discounts on its new SUV. According to a newsletter sent to dealers, all versions of the Honda CR-V 2023 are eligible for a $750 loyalty discount on rentals. While this represents a discount unique to the redesigned CR-V crossover, there are some important limitations that you should be aware of.

Through October 31, existing Honda owners can get a $750 rental loyalty discount on any 2023 Honda CR-V price or CR-V Hybrid. To qualify, you will need to prove you own a 2012 Honda or later. You don’t need to redeem your current vehicle and this discount can be combined with other Honda CR-V 2023 offers.

If you qualify for the Honda Graduation Award or the Military Appreciation Offer, you can get an additional $500 off your rental through Honda Financial. That’s a potential savings of $1,250 that can be applied to lower capitalization costs (reducing cap costs) on a new 2023 CR-V lease.

Unfortunately, the only buyers who can take advantage of the offer are those who want to rent. There are no rebates for the purchase of an all-new crossover, and no financial incentives either. As we reported last week, the residual value of the 2023 CR-V is quite high and could make it a good rental car.

As the 2023 CR-V is a fully redesigned SUV, it is expected that initial vehicle availability will be limited and prices to match or exceed the MSRP. If someone in your household owns a Honda, you should also be aware that the $750 loyalty discount is transferable. Unfortunately, hybrid buyers may wait a little longer.

That’s because the 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid won’t go on sale until October, a few weeks after the regular CR-V you can buy today. It should also be noted that the CR-V LX has been discontinued from 2023, causing the base price to increase significantly. Therefore, being able to get back $750 could be a great deal.

What are the Honda Loyalty Programs?

As a matter of fact, Honda perhaps has no knowledge of the offer for the greatest discounts, however, there are discounts, if you can have access to gain them If you’re an existing Honda customer, you may be eligible for a loyalty discount on your next Honda car, truck, or SUV. However, there are some important details to know if you want to get the best deal.

Honda Financial Services is offering a $500 HFS loyalty offer on the price of nearly all 2022 models, including the redesigned Honda Civic. According to the dealer’s incentive bulletin, the loyalty discount is available to “any eligible existing Honda owner” minus the price of a new car rental.

As for how it works, Loyalty Rental Offers act as either a capitalization cost reduction, or cap cost reduction, to help lower rents. It’s a discount you can’t get when you buy a Honda and doesn’t require a trade-off. It is better that you can mix up the promotional rental rates, other incentives as well as the discount.

In the case of the 2022 Civic LX, the manufacturer’s additional $500 in rental cash can reduce rental costs from $219 for 36 months at $3,599 at signing to just $209 for $3,399. la at Signature. When comparing the actual monthly rental cost, that’s a price drop from $319 per month to $303, a nice bonus to be fair.

Therefore, just having a Honda in your garage can make you eligible for an additional $500 off. We recommend that you contact your Honda dealer to confirm the actual rental rates available near you.

Not coming from another tenancy? There may be other options available. For example, the Honda Pilot offers a more generous loyalty discount on purchases or rentals. If you’re planning to buy your driver now, the $1,000 offer can also be combined with financial incentives like a 0.9% APR for up to 48 months.



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