Many traditional medical practitioners may employ natural plant extracts in some of the most well-liked at-home treatments for acne. 

Before using a topical treatment directly on the skin, if someone is interested in trying it, they should consult a dermatologist or perform a patch test, which involves applying a small amount of the topical treatment to the wrist or hand and observing the skin for reactions. You can also get acne scars face wash which is easily available online for your skin.The greatest natural acne treatments, the results of the research, and lifestyle modifications that can be helpful are all included below. 

  • Oil of tea tree 

As a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil may be able to kill the acne-causing bacterium, acnes. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, tea tree oil can also aid in reducing the inflammation and redness of acne. Almost every Face wash for acne scars contains tea tree oil in it which you can use.

  • Oil of jojoba 

A natural, waxy material called jojoba oil is made from the seeds of the jojoba shrub. 

Jojoba oil has waxy components that may help mend damaged skin and hasten the healing of wounds, including acne lesions. 

Some of the ingredients in jojoba oil may be able to lessen the swelling and redness of whiteheads, pimples, and other irritated lesions.Apply jojoba essential oil on acne by combining it with a gel, cream, or clay face mask. If not, dab a cotton pad with a few drops of jojoba oil and gently massage the area where the acne is present. 

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Due to its inherent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera may lessen the look of acne and stop breakouts. Aloe vera is a fantastic skin moisturiser and protector since it includes sugar molecules, amino acids, and zinc. People who experience dry skin after using other anti-acne solutions should especially consider it. After washing with soap twice a day, one should apply a thin layer of cream or gel on acne sores.

  • Honey 

Honey has been used to treat skin disorders for hundreds of years because it is rich in antioxidants that can unclog pores. 

Apply a small amount of honey to zits with a clean finger or cotton pad. If not, incorporate honey into a face or body mask. 

  • Zinc 

Zinc is frequently recommended as a way to lessen the redness and lesions of acne because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Zinc can be taken orally as a supplement or applied topically to the skin.

  •  Green tea 

High levels of catechins, a class of polyphenol antioxidants, are present in green tea. 

Some acne sufferers have too much sebum (natural body oils) and not enough antioxidants in their pores. Chemicals and waste materials that can harm healthy cells are broken down by the body with the aid of antioxidants. Green tea also contains substances that may aid to lessen inflammation, P. acnes, and sebum production in the skin. Either green tea can be consumed or green tea extract can be applied topically.


Acne is a very common problem these days and is faced by almost everyone. We have provided certain home remedies above.that you can use at your home and all the ingredients are easily available at your home so it will not cost you a heavy budget.



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