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Sports broadcast paid service

Due to the corona virus, the days of not being able to travel abroad or go out to the fullest are increasing. In this situation, you may be thinking about how you can spend time at home. Even those who thought it was stuffy at first seem to have come up with various activities as time passed and they got used to spending time at home. In particular, the number of people watching overseas 스포츠중계 has increased considerably. In the past, there were a lot of poor relays, so it was just a broadcast to pass the time by watching without thinking, but now it seems that it has been improved so that you can be immersed in the game itself due to a fairly professional commentary.

Life before Corona is good, but there are many people who express their satisfaction with the creation of high-quality programs that allow you to know new information about your favorite club. However, what is disappointing is that, as the commentary has become more professional, most of the broadcasts have become paid, except for games featuring Korean players. If you do not pay a monthly subscription fee, you will no longer be able to freely watch overseas sports broadcasts. It seems that there are some people who feel very uncomfortable because it has become a paid service at the moment when they are just getting interested in overseas games. I know that there are many people who think that no matter how good the game commentary quality is, they should pay a subscription fee to watch it.

Free overseas sports broadcasting

However, considering the position of the broadcasters, it can be said that receiving a subscription fee is a somewhat understandable decision. Previously, Ji-Sung Park was free to watch almost any matches he collected while playing for Manchester United. And there are people who have become very interested in soccer games by watching Ji-Sung Park’s performance. However, there are many complaints that it is unfortunate that the game cannot be watched freely due to the fee-for-service. It’s only now that I’m starting to feel the fun, and it’s like hearing the news that I’m going to quit all of a sudden. Some people complain about why they are turning to paid programs for programs that have been well provided for free so far. It seems that there are people who think that it is a waste to pay the amount now because it was not paid in the first place. Actually, it’s about 20,000 won a month, so there are some people who think they just bought a meal and pay it. This is because the quality of overseas sports broadcasting has improved as well as being fun. However, there are some people who think that it does not live up to expectations after actually paying a subscription fee to use it.

We watch overseas sports broadcasts from the comfort of our own home, but from the station’s point of view, not only license fees but also server management costs, wages, etc., are considerably high. Therefore, as the days go by, more and more losses are accumulated, so the quality of the content is inevitably getting lower and lower.



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