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Here Are The Tips For Recovery After Gum Graft Surgery

If you have issues like receding gums then you might have gone through a gum graft surgery. It is supposed to be a bit painful and there is a recovery period involved in it. If you have been looking for gum graft surgery then here are the tips for recovery that you need to know.

It is important to note why gum graft surgery is needed. Well, there would be a gum recession and the pain and problems would come if you do not treat the problem. To keep the gums in the right place, this surgery is done to keep the gums holding the teeth.

When Is Gum Graft Surgery Needed?

When you have a complaint of receding gums, you will have to go to the dentist and he will suggest what the best option for you is? Your doctor may suggest you have gum graft surgery. You can ask him about what things are included in the surgery and what is the recovery time?

People would want to know why gum recedes. Well, this can be due to poor hygiene, improper brushing, hormonal changes, and teeth grinding. There can be other reasons too. But the most important one is this. When you have receding gum issues, you are not able to take the bite properly. So, there can be further nutritional and health-related issues too.

If you had this surgery a few days back, then you must be recovering from the same. But there might be a bit of swelling in that area and you may even be facing a bit of pain. So, you need to take the relevant action and that will help you in knowing the best solutions. If you get your gums fine then you will be able to restore your health and at the same time, there will be a better smile too. So, be ready to take charge of things. Find out from the below points how you should recover from the surgery.

Take Care Of Your Diet

If you have had this above-mentioned surgery then it would mean that your diet will be at a toss. You will not be able to eat much. So, you can make homemade smoothies and juice and rely on the same. The food that you eat must be at room temperature. If you rely on hot food or cold food then it will hurt your gums for sure.

Use Ice Packs For Relieving Pain And Inflammation

Your doctor would have given you medications such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Along with these, you should start using ice packs as they will assist in recovery. Even if you are using ice packs at regular intervals, your main consideration should be that the treatment should be proper.

Rinse Your Mouth With Saltwater

After the grafting surgery, you must also rely on saltwater gargling as an easy way to recover from the associated pain. Whenever you eat something or have any liquids, you will have to use salt water rinse for your mouth.

Do Not Put Undue Pressure On Your Mouth

After gum graft surgery you will have to be pretty sure about staying relaxed. So, what matters is you do not put pressure on your mouth and gums. Like, you must not blow the balloon, you must not brush your teeth hard or you must not do hard gargling.

Do Not Talk Much

The recovery will come soon if you do not talk much. This will provide you with the right solution. Make sure that you know what actions you need to take. You should speak only as much as it is important. Hire to eve dental centre for Emergency Dental Services.


When you go with this particular complaint to your periodontist he will check the problem and provide you with the relevant solution. There are a few reasons why you need this surgery. You may need it for the sake of cosmetic purposes or you may need it for the sake of functional purposes. Whatever it is, make sure that you find a Best Dentist Pakenham who will help you to get the best options. You can discuss with them what things are vital and that will help for sure.



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