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Great reasons for any catering business to invest in a quality dishwasher

You have bitten the bullet and decided to resolve something that has been playing on your mind for some time. You love going out for drinks to socialise after a week at work and enjoying a bite to eat. But to do so, you must get a taxi either way as there such a bar or restaurant is sadly lacking in your local community.

Your job is not very fulfilling, and you are stuck in a rut. You want a new challenge that will also offer the opportunity to make money and work for yourself as the environment in your present job created by the boss has not been conducive to enjoying yourself.

You will kill two birds with one stone and go into business alone by opening your own establishment. A unit is available on good terms near a parade of shops and seems to have a decent footfall. You will be doing something you have always fancied. It’s time to start stocking the place with equipment with a visit to Warewashing Solutions at the top of the list.

Invest in a quality dishwasher

There are so many things you need, like a fully fitted bar, furniture, decorating and kitchen appliances as you plan to do snacks with drinks. The priority has struck up a relationship with a local craft brewery who also provides their own signature beer glasses. You know from experience that there is nothing worse than a lack of cleanliness to turn customers away, especially if you want to attract women. Poor dirty toilets, unclean facilities, cutlery, and glassware are all massive turn offs, which is why a quality Glasswasher is a priority.

  • You will save yourself a lot of time. There is nothing worse than going into a busy bar and waiting to be served because the staff are spending their time washing glasses by hand or going round collecting dirty empties first, meaning that there is someone ready to serve but they have nothing to pour the drinks into, meaning you sometimes end up with a glass that isn’t really suited to the drink that ends up in it. A Glasswasher will quickly and easily clean all your glassware in a matter of minutes. Perhaps your glasses will be used to offer healthy citrus juice to customers?
  • The installation will save you money overall. Hand washing the glassware means at the expense of a lot of detergent and water, which can add up to a significant expense over time. With a quality washer, you can use less detergent and water, which can help to save you money. It will also save potential lost custom as disappointed customers make their visit a one off as they are put off by the earlier mentioned waiting times or dirty glassware.
  • Glasswashers offer numerous benefits for restaurants and other foodservice businesses, one of which is the reduction of cross-contamination, which enhances safety. It is also a safer option for you and your staff, and you reduce the chances of being cut on glass that is slightly damaged and not noticed. Also, there will be a decrease in broken glasses caused by human handling, which is also another money saving. Slips and falls which can be also caused by using an open sink will be on the wane, making your service area safer and a more welcoming environment to work in.
  • A quality Glasswasher leads to improved glassware quality as glass washers use high-pressure air to blow the water and detergent from the glasses, to leave them spotless and staying new for longer. This also helps to prevent any streaks or smears from forming on the glassware, which will offer satisfaction to that craft brewery as their beautiful clear ales will look even more appealing in an immaculate glass. To celebrate a successful business as a result a visit for customers to a beer festival might be a nice idea.

Installing a quality dishwasher purchased from professional and reliable specialists is a great way to ensure spotless glasses that stay new for longer, they will save money in cleaning costs, save time for staff meaning satisfied customers. It is one of the first investments a bar or restaurant should make to keep their business booming.



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