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Great Curassow


The most famous curassow is 36-inch tall, robust bird. Great curassows are all adorned with an upward-curling crest of feathers on their heads, as well as long tails. Its base bill of the great curassow is yellow, with a bulge that is round. Black And Yellow Birds The coloration of females is different; they could be chestnut or black with white or black bars. Their heads and crests could be lined with black and white. The males are gorgeous black or blue, and also have bellies that are white. They have a long life span (up 24-years!) and have a low percentage of reproducibility.


The range of the great curassow stretches from the southern part of Mexico up to the western part of Ecuador The habitat they inhabit is generally restricted to national reserves and parks. They build nests out of twigs and leaves within the forks and depressions in trees. Male curassows lead his family, and whistles when there are warning signs. Females lay 2 eggs each time. Curassows are monogamous, and they travel in pairs or small groups. They communicate with each other by grunting. Similar to chickens, they tend to run, rather than fly.


The curassow eats through scavenging on fallen fruits or berries, as well as seeds. They also scrape the floor in search of insects or other small creatures. Small Yellow Birds  


The deforestation in tropical forest is the biggest threat to the existence of this great curacassow. Humans pose a serious danger to great curassow as the inhabitants of the area hunt to feed. Alongside human beings, snakes are their own prey.


Male ocellated turkeys are like the North American wild turkey, however they are more vibrant in color and weigh considerably smaller than North American bird. Contrary to North American turkeys, breast feathers of female and male Ocellated turkeys are not different and can’t be used to determine gender.

In the body, feathers of male and female turkeys have an iridescent bronze-green males being more vibrantly hued than females. Males weigh around 10 pounds and are averaged to be about three feet long. Around 6 pounds females weigh a bit smaller, but they increase their weight during mating season. Both genders have blue-gray tails that are well-defined with an eye-shaped blue-bronze-colored area near the tip, with a gold-colored tips. These spots provide the turkey with its name because they are 



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