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Gorgeous Wedding Flower Trends for 2022 That Will Amaze You

The most recent floral trends of 2022 are sure to leave everyone in awe, especially if you’re recently engaged and looking for floral ideas. This year is particularly interesting for the floral industry as new and old trends begin to blossom and gain traction. There is something in the wedding flower trends for 2022 for everyone, whether you’re a traditional bride seeking timeless wedding flowers or an alternative couple seeking blooms with a wow factor!

This year’s weddings are coming in strong after not attending celebrations for years, and the flower trends have been blossoming!

Trends in Wedding Flowers for 2022

If you’ve been looking forward to your wedding day for a while, flowers are the ideal way to add life, color, and excitement to the occasion. Here are seven wedding flower trends for 2022, as predicted by floral designers and industry experts, and implemented by couples. They are ranging from boutonnieres and bridal bouquets to eye-catching ceremony backdrops.

Plethora of Textures

Floral designers are experimenting with shape and texture by including more unique blossoms and foliage in their flower arrangements than ever before. This year, textural designs are a standard pick – from untamed and exuberant arrangements loaded to the brim with textured blossoms to mixing and matching distinctive fresh blossoms with dried flowers.

Cascading Bridal Bouquets

The 80s and 90s wedding bouquet trends are making a strong resurgence this year. Cascading bouquets will have an updated, garden-inspired look, with lovely blooms closely assembled at the top of the bouquet and sharpening down into an asymmetrical shape. Long greenery strands, vines, and pastel flowers will be used to add more life, color, and distinct texture. According to floral experts, phalaenopsis orchids, clematis, jasmine, and roses are some of the flowers that would look ideal in these kinds of bouquets.

Bold floral color schemes in monochrome

While pastels will always hold a special place in floral designs, more and more couples are now drawn to bold floral color schemes. We adore the possibility of adding depth with several shades of the same base color. Whether it is a vibrant pink with red tones, pleasant, sunny-golden blends of bright yellows, or the luscious greenery tones – they are bound to make a striking impression. We’re thrilled to see this floral theme adopted in real weddings since it’s undoubtedly one for colour lovers!

Decorated in a Cloudy-like Style

Are you dreaming of ethereal and airy cloud-like florals? According to floral experts, you can plan the most idyllic weddings ever with this floral trend for 2022. Another flower style here to stay for 2022 is the delicate yet gorgeous cloud-like designs that float from the venue’s ceiling or are installed above floors and tables. The standard floral pick for these designs is gypsophila, more commonly known as baby’s breath.

Blocking Colors

Modern color blocking, one of our favorite recent trends, is showing up all over the wedding industry, including flower décor. The fundamental concept behind this vibrant trend is to merge various hues and colors while using crisp lines to separate them. With two shades from the same colour family, you can create a more subdued combination. Or, you can get more daring and use three or four vibrant colors. In essence, the disparity will be more pronounced the more disparate they are.

Floral Aisles are the New Hot Trend

It’s a beautiful idea to adorn your aisle with flowers ascending from the floor. The blooms you select will genuinely appear as they are growing from the base. The custom of covering the aisle at your wedding with rose petals is also a floral trend for 2022. A lovely idea to make your wedding area even more unique is to install fresh petals near venue entrances, along the border of the dance floor, at the bottom of a stairway, or to trail along a walkway.

Long-Stem Rose Arrangements

Wedding florists are keeping stems extra long rather than cutting them short, creating bouquets that feel romantic and carefree with a touch of drama. The long stem rose arrangement trend will never go out of style, regardless of the color. The dominant hues for this style are:

  • Clean and pure white, pink and rosy tints
  • Champagne
  • The ancient fading hue of quicksand roses

Lily of the Valley Classic Bouquets

For brides in 2022, the classic Lily of the Valley posy bouquet borne by the Duchess of Cambridge is growing in popularity. These simple yet opulent single-bloom bouquets with rounded blossoms are ideal for brides seeking a timeless, traditional aesthetic. The Lily of the Valley is a perfect flower for celebrations in 2022 because it represents the return of happiness. If you wish to opt for such a bouquet, you should know that these florals can get rather pricey and only bloom for three to four weeks in early to mid-Spring.

Luminous Pastels

This year’s weddings are infused with pastel hues. According to floral experts, there will always be a season and location for delicate blush pastel-colored blooms. Furthermore, many floral designs will include a multi-color palette with numerous pastel colors rather than just one or two. The outcome? A subtle, rainbow-inspired aesthetic full of whimsy and magic but not over the top. Buttery yellows, gentle pinks, peach tones, and pale blues are among the color combinations.


Carnations are hardy, adaptable, and reasonably priced, so it’s no surprise they’ve been turning up everywhere in romantic bouquets and magnificent floral arrangements. These ruffled, textured blooms are once again taking over the main stage in bouquets and arrangements in 2022, adding a significant amount of contemporary flair.

Gerbera Daisy

Some people may find Gerbera daisies a soft bloom, but modern florists are bringing their understated beauty back into the spotlight. It’s conceivable that this style will continue with the same intensity in the following years, due to the market’s influx of fresh and intriguing colors, variations, and textures.

Now that you’ve got the gist of the hottest floral wedding trends, we’re sure you need some additional decor to style your big day. Discover our DIY ceiling draping, view pipe & drape kits, or maybe incorporate some floral walls, uplighting, or other rentals for your celebration. We can accommodate your every need.



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