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Gastrointestinal Parasites in Birds

Avian Trichomoniasis

Gastrointestinal parasites can trigger a variety of issues for birds’ stomachs and intestines. It can also impact the normal functions of the other organs. One of the gastrointestinal parasites is called trichomoniasis.

Trichomoniasis is also known as frounce or canker is an illness caused by Trichomonas Gallinae protozoa (or single-celled microbes). Prehistoric Birds It typically affects wild birds and can be seen occasionally on pet birds particularly Budgerigars.

Symptoms and Types

The typical symptoms of trichomoniasis consist of white or yellowish-white lesions (like curd or cheese) within the linings of the throat, mouth and esophagus. Other signs that are commonly seen include an increase in saliva production and the dumping of food particles (regurgitation).


The trichomoniasis virus in birds typically spread by contact with animals that are infected usually through the affected bird feeding its babies. The parasite can also be acquired in birds that eat food or drink.


The doctor will conduct an examination of the blood to determine the particular parasite before prescribing anti-parasitic medications. The medicine is administered orally via food or water.


The most effective way to prevent the disease is conserving the bird’s food properly and in a clean manner. Additionally, bring your pet to the vet frequently for parasite tests as well as health checks. How Do Birds Have Sex

If a bird’s parent is infected by trichomoniasis it should be quarantined . the birds that are young should be fed by hand. This can prevent the birds’ young from being infected.



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