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Fun Online Learning Games for Students

Educating the kids all about numbers and the alphabet might have at one time involved text-based books or plastic blocks, but now with the wide range of learning games for kids online, learning has become so much more pleasurable for both child and parent. Browser-based educational games are quite easy to come by and are able to teach almost everything a child might need to know interactively in a fun and interesting way. If attempting to teach a child basic reading or math skills, but the information doesn’t seem to be sinking in, attempt to introduce the child to the digital age of learning with online games and tutorials.

Some of the popular fun and educational games for the kids


Blooket is a web-based game so it can be accessed from nearly any device, ideal for students in class or at home. Teachers can lead the quiz or it can be left for individuals to access as they need. A selection of game modes is available, with different-looking games to play in between the quiz parts of the learning.

Everything is points-based with rewards and character progression, making it very like the high-end polished games students may already play on their smartphones. These games can be played solo or in teams, so the teacher can select a group and have them compete against others in the class.

Math Lessons

understanding the basics of math often requires a child to learn a range of skills, which most often relate to memorization and problem-solving. Building skills with the help of online games gives learning an element of fun, which is often missing in the more non-interactive teaching methods. Games that drill math-solving skills into the youngster often involve such fun elements as shapes or colors, pictures, word and board games, and memory or logic games. Online math games can start with the preschool kids in mind and increase the level of difficulty from there.

Literacy Lessons

reading is of course one of the most essential skills a child requires to learn at a young age. Reading games start with simple alphabet matching games, and vowel games to learn correct sentence formation. The easiest games target preschool and kindergarten kids, while the more difficult games, which might target a specific skill, are perfect for the older child. Kids can also learn to read with phonic sounds, where it is necessary to match sounds with matching pictures.

Science Lessons

kids love to explore and learn how things work, and one way to learn this is to let them play some of the fun and informative science games freely available online. A child’s natural curiosity to discover new things is much more open when the teaching method isn’t just textbook-based. Interactive lessons might feature those related to the human body and its functions, the life-cycle of a frog or butterfly, or learn about the different types of wild or domestic animals. Kids will enjoy learning via fun exercises and videos, while the mom and dad will appreciate that online games are a really effective and helpful teaching aid.



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