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Fred From Youtube, Where Are You Now?

The channel still has millions of subscribers, although his final video views on youtube were uploaded in 2012 before it was abandoned for years.

  • However, the channel was revitalized with fresh content as a result of Fred’s success. He underwent a rebranding in 2014 with kid-focused videos.
  • Lucas Cruikshank, best known for portraying popular YouTube character Fred Figglehorn, openly declared his sexual orientation as gay in a video that was uploaded to his “Lucas” channel in 2013. 
  • The person formerly known as Fred affirmed simply, “I’m homosexual,” before bursting into nervous laughter and admitting, “It feels so weird saying it on television,” during an interview with BFF and fellow actor Jennifer Veal. 
  • Cruikshank claimed that the necessity for the social media celebrity to have a major coming-out moment online was unnecessary because his closest loved ones have known him for years. 

The eager maker routinely uploads similarly energizing videos to his YouTube channel, even if Fred is clearly in the rearview.

ScreenRant claims that the Fred channel was so well-liked by everyone that an absurd attempt to restart it in 2014 was launched, but critically, Cruikshank was not involved. 

After this unsuccessful experiment, the channel was abandoned. 

Cruikshank has frequently reprised his most well-known part during this time, but he is now obviously more interested in adult-oriented activities.

He frequently posts amusing photos of himself acting out in various locations on Instagram, where he lives his truth as a proud homosexual man. 

He also commemorated “Fred: The Movie’s” 10th anniversary of release in 2020, indicating that he has no problem admitting his roots.

Several different series have been shown on the Fred channel since the revival. 

The most recent video that was uploaded is from a series called “Questions My Parents Won’t Answer” which was hosted by genuine children. 

These teams would approach random adults on the street and ask them questions that parents generally find challenging to respond to on behalf of their children. 

Questions like “where do infants originate from” and “why do some people live in parks” were among them.

The Fred channel also showed other shows like “Kid Advice” and “The Substitute.” But none of them endured for very long. 2014 saw the publication of the Fred channel’s final video.

Currently, what is Lucas Cruikshank doing?

Lucas now has a YouTube channel with more than 3.2 million subscribers that are Fred-free.

This one focuses more on commentary, and he occasionally creates content that is autobiographical. 

He writes reviews and discusses influencers and reality TV. And on occasion, he brings up his relationship with Fred in the past.

In one of his videos views on youtube , Lucas reads from the book Fred Figglehorn Hackin’ Awesome School Jokes that he wrote and published. Lucas claimed that at this point in his career as Fred. 

He had a policy of saying “yes” to any proposition made to him, which is how the book came to be.

He responds to Fred’s videos, movies, and TV shows on his channel and frequently discusses behind-the-scenes events.

Lucas has discussed in videos how he had to learn pages of lines at. Once because his Nickelodeon show mostly consisted of him speaking to the camera.

And he claimed that when he requested a teleprompter from the business, he was turned down. 

Additionally, he asserted that the director instructed him to watch. The first Fred movie while he was filming the second one because he “wasn’t being Fred enough.”

The films and TV shows views on youtube can all be bought on Amazon in addition to the Fred channel. And you might be in luck if you’re hunting for merchandise. 

Although Lucas previously had a limited sale for freshly created merchandise, it is currently being offered online. If the demand is great enough, he might do it once more.

Other youtube work:

Cruikshank was formerly a member of JKL Productions. Which also included the Smet twins’ cousins Lucas Cruikshank and Jon and Katie Smet.

Cruikshank officially disbanded the crew and removed views on youtube all of his personal films. 

He launched his own channel, “Lucas,” in which he starred as himself, in January 2009. 

Its popularity increased when Cruikshank collaborated with Jennifer Veal to create a number of videos for the channel. Which was renamed “Lucas and Jenny,” between 2013 and 2014.

Cruikshank changed the name of the channel back to “Lucas” after Jenny quit. It was in November 2014 and continued to post vlogs views on youtube.

Cruikshank’s channel was renamed to “Lucas” in April 2019. As of 2020, it will have more than 3 million subscribers.

Appearances and Sponsorships:

Cruikshank advertises a range of goods and motion pictures in the Fred series. He is seen wearing T-shirts, a Zipit, and his own goods. 

Cruikshank made an appearance on December 6, 2009, airing of the Hannah Montana episode “Come Fail Away.” 

Showed up to deliver prizes to winners off-stage at both the 2009 Teen Choice Awards and 2010 Kids’ Choice Awards.



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