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Five Ways to Go Beyond Your Client Expectation

Nobody has ever declared, “I don’t want to make more money.” What can you do if even the best hairdressers aren’t making as much money as possible? This article will tell you precisely what consumers now expect from their Aveda hair salon near me and how you can meet or surpass those expectations—and keep your clients coming back!

Facts That Will Shock You About The Hair Care Industry

The good news is that your jobs are safe. A hairdresser once told me, “You can’t digitalize a haircut or a hair colour at the hair salon Redmond. Some bad news: According to an experienced hairdresser, industry growth is expected to remain flat for the next five years. People are indeed spending money on their appearance, but it’s not at hair salons. As a result, Aveda set out to discover why.

What they found was as follows. 97% of stylists claim to have a consultation with every customer they see.. More than 90% of visitors claim they’ve never had a one-on-one meeting with a salesperson. In the salon, guests claim they are greeted by a stylist who asks, ‘Would you want to do the same?’ That’s a bad thing, too. When customers feel like they’ve been to the salon before, they don’t want to return.

Five Expectations Clients Have for a Salon Visit

  1. It’s essential to have a sense of what

People crave novelties, as seen by the success of chains like Starbucks. Coffee is already being sold for between $2 and $4 a cup. The Starbucks Reserve idea, on the other hand, allows you to purchase a limited-edition cup of coffee for just $10. Hearing the barista explain where the coffee comes from and watching it made in your cup are included in the purchase.

How to Get Better

Change up your salon to avoid the same old, same old. From the décor to the beverages to the attire of her employees and how they answer the salon phone, you alter the whole salon every season. Why put yourself through this? Because it nearly ALWAYS results in a fresh experience for customers.

  1. Personalization and Consultation

It’s all about making your guests feel like they’re the only ones who matter to you. Take a look at Habit, a service that tailors nourishment to the needs of each person. Habit analyzes the results and sends them to the consumer after they complete an at-home nutrition test that examines their DNA and blood. Habit then uses that data to design a daily diet plan that is unique to each customer’s biology, lifestyle and desired outcomes.

How to Get Better

As a hairdresser, you already have the skills and experience to tailor and adapt your services to each individual customer! You should already be doing a comprehensive consultation and tailoring the cut and colour to your client’s individual needs. You might take it a step further by proposing additional services tailored to your customer’s specific requirements. Aveda provides a variety of customized sensory experiences, such as scalp and shoulder massages, hand massages, tea rituals, and cosmetics applications.

  1. Connectivity and Openness

Consumers today are willing to pay a premium for a product if they feel a strong emotional attachment to the brand. Everlane, a clothes shop, is an excellent example of a completely open and honest company. It’s easy to see why an item of clothing costs what it does by watching footage of the factory where it’s created and seeing the cost breakdown.

How to Get Better:

This is a no-brainer for stylists who use Aveda products! Aveda is a brand with a vision and culture based on holistic beauty and environmental responsibility. Ayurveda, the Indian healing system based on life’s wisdom and the interdependence of all things, is at the brand’s foundation. Since 2007, Aveda has given more than $60 million to environmental organizations, and it expects to give another $25 million in the next three years, indicating that it goes beyond beauty and has a wellness purpose for both people and the environment.

As for openness, that’s something you can discuss as well. During the consultation, be open and honest with your visitor regarding the costs and duration of the treatments you propose. There are no surprises at the end of the transaction, so your clients will appreciate your willingness to modify your services based on price and time constraints.

The passage of time

Your visitors’ most valuable currency will soon be their time if it hasn’t already. Given the success of Amazon Prime, this is probably not a surprise (which delivers in as little as ONE HOUR in some cities).

How to Get Better:

Use Aveda’s colour line as an add-on shine service or convert cut-only clients to gray coverage clients to provide fast services visitors seek. Demi+ can process in as little as 5 minutes, and clients may watch it in action while it does so.

  1. Clean and Natural Beauty

Increasingly, consumers are concerned about the ingredients in the items they use. Natural hair products are expected to increase five times faster than non-natural hair products during the next five years.

How to Get Better:

This is a cinch if you have a brand. Natural components are used wherever feasible in the high-performance, botanically-based goods produced by the company. Providing customers with this information helps them feel more secure about buying things. They also found that consumers believe that a hair salon is a black box—they trust their stylist but don’t know what they’ll look like, how long it will take or how much it will cost them to come in and out of the salon before they leave.



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